Four Tips to Survive the Semester Online 

By: Natalie Jones

While things may feel very unknown and out of your control right now, you are not alone. As we all switch to online classes for the rest of the semester, we are here to help you! Below you will find four great tips to be successful the rest of the semester.

  1. Stay Organized 

If you are not normally an organized person, now is the time to try. With due dates and assignments changing in your online courses, it is essential that you keep everything organized. The University of Michigan Center for Academic Innovation released a flyer on “student-disruption” with tips on how to stay organized during this chaotic time. The list consisted of things to keep up with such as, what assignments are changing, what are the new due dates, how and where do I access my class materials? These are all questions that you need to have answers to. This information will help you to stay organized and be successful.

  1. Don’t change your study habits 

Just because your classes are online now, does not mean they are all going to be easier. You need to put the same amount of time and effort into studying that you always have. Northeastern University Graduation Programs released an article in February titled 8 Strategies for Getting the Most out of an Online Class. The first tip on this list is to treat the course like a “real” class. Of course in our case, it is a real class, therefore even more reason to presume your normal study habits. If you are in need of an extra study tip, USA Today suggests coating the new material you are learning with something you already know. For example, if you love the show “Friends” like me, you can try to think of an example from the show to help you study for your Interpersonal Communication exam.

  1. Make the most of the video lectures and Blackboard collaborate meetings 

All of your professors are here to help you! Instead of skipping through the video lecture, actually listen and take notes like you would in class! You might even want to go back and re-listen to certain lectures before your final. If your class is taking advantage of Blackboard collaboration, make sure you have all of the technical aspects figured out so that you are able to see and hear your professor. College News also suggested taking advantage of discussion boards and interacting with other students. This will benefit your learning and the efforts won’t go unnoticed by your professor.

  1. Set a schedule 

If you don’t already keep a weekly or daily calendar, now would be a great time to start! You probably have fewer social events and work hours to keep up with, so start by scheduling your school assignments. In an Entrepreneur Magazine article, written by Brandon Turner, he discusses a “productivity hack” called time-blocking that he says has changed his life. Specifically, he talks about how beneficial it is to do your most important and challenging work first. By creating a schedule and prioritizing the most important tasks, you will be less likely to walk away from your work when it gets difficult.

While you are sure to find all these tips very helpful, we want to remind everyone that the most important thing you can be doing right now is taking care of yourself. Do your best in your online classes, but also remember to be kind to yourself. Belmont University Ministries is hosting a Meditation and Prayer Time MWF at 10 a.m. on their Instagram Live. You can also contact Belmont University Counseling Services at 615-460-6856 or


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