Questions Answered: Come on Mission with Belmont!

How do you know if you should do something or not? What questions do you ask yourself? What factors go into your decision making? Who do you consult? Ultimately, what pushes you towards your decision?  When deciding whether or not to take part in a mission trip with Belmont on Mission, there are so many questions that you ask yourself before submitting an application. Here are some answers to a few of them:

Do you have to be Christian to go on a mission trip?

No! While we do want to be clear and upfront that these kinds of trips are offered as a way to partner with God in the world, all students should feel welcomed to sign up. The trip will include opportunities for reflection on faith, theology, and mission throughout the trip, though no one is forced to lead in any religious activity with which they aren’t comfortable.

How do we know that we are actually doing anything when we serve?

All of our mission trips partner with longstanding host partners who have been in the communities in which we serve for a long time.  By partnering with these host organizations, and through serving with the mindset of being invited into these communities along with the host partners, we are able to ensure that we are indeed serving in a responsible manner with long lasting impact.  

Who will be in charge?

Belmont on Mission trips have student leaders and faculty leaders, all of whom have gone through really focussed training to provide a great foundation to lead the trips.  The teams will have leader-facilitated meeting times to enable all members of the team to take on leadership experiences during the trip. The leaders will have all the information needed to carry out a really great missional experience along with the host partners on the field.

Is it safe to travel to _________ ?

All of our locations are monitored for safe travel.  In addition to this, because of our host partners’ presence in the locations in which we serve, the area is well known. More information about each trip’s location can be found at

How do I pay for something like this?

Trip participants are highly encouraged to take part in support raising for the trip.  Once you are accepted to the trip, you can “opt in” to the Belmont on Mission fundraising program.  The program involves a training on how to ask for support for your trip, as well as resources which will help you meet your goal.  All donations can go through your own personal fundraising page within your team page on MobileCause, and are tax deductible!

Am I committed to going once I apply?

Once you apply for a trip and are accepted, you will be asked to “commit” to your trip.  Oly once you click “commit” will you be committed to going.

What do I get from going on a mission trip?

In addition to a really amazing and life-orienting experience, there are a few incentives to going on a mission trip.  Once you have completed the trip, you can submit your service through get connected, which will count towards all of your Community Service and Reflection convocation credits.  In addition to this,your service through Belmont on Mission can count as service hours for clubs and organizations that you are a part of on campus.


If you have any other questions about getting involved with Belmont on Mission, please do not hesitate to reach out! The deadline to apply for a spring break trip is tomorrow (11/15/19)!  Check ou for more information about specific trips, and follow us on social media @BelmontOnMission to stay up to date with all that we have going on!

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