Recognize, and Handle Anxiety

As we move farther into the semester, it is typical for anxiety levels to start to rise. This anxiety may be about exams, work, strained relationships, juggling multiple responsibilities, or something else entirely. Here are a few tips on how to recognize when your anxiety may be getting to an unhealthy level and ways to help reduce anxiety along with links to resources for your phone or computer:

Having racing thoughts that take up more time than you’d like?  

Try slowing your breathing down and using all 5 of your senses to bring yourself back to the present. Try noticing: 5-things you see, 4- textures you can touch, 3- sounds you can hear, 2- smells in the air, and 1- one thing you can taste.

Feel amped up? Racing heart rate, not sleeping well, cloudy mind?  

Try cutting back on caffeine, sugar, and processed food. Be sure to have a consistent sleep and waking schedule.  Try to get more lavender in your life. Do not make your bed a place where you feel anxiety, leave the space if you feel anxious.

Student Reading a Book
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Feeling overwhelmed with everything you have to do to the point you can’t do any of it?

Take breaks and leave time for the things you enjoy. Be sure you are: talking to your friends, taking walks or being active, and rewarding yourself for your hard work during study breaks. Do one thing you were putting off, and you will be surprised by how good it feels to get it done!