The Time is Now

Exploring is my thing. I love seeing new places, eating at new restaurants, experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, learning new languages, … ALL OF THE THINGS! Over Christmas break, I went on an epic adventure to Iceland. Not only did I have a blast and see incredible sites too amazing for words, but I also learned a little something about exploring during this time of life (my 20’s).

There is no possible way to describe each part of the trip because most of the time I could do nothing other than just stare into the expanse of beauty in front of me with my jaw hanging down to the floor. I’ll note some highlights, but mostly, here is a collection of gorgeous photos that don’t do the actual places justice. But you can try to imagine.

Gullfoss Waterfall
Harpa Concert Hall
Hallgrímskirkja Church
Reykjavik City Pond
Gjabakkahellir Cave

As life after college is approaching and adult decisions have to be made, I’m learning to cherish this time I have left in college. Even though my social time with friends often revolves around doing homework together or grabbing lunch in the caf before we go back into our homework caves, I have to appreciate these times when life is still relatively simple. I look forward to the days when my weekends don’t involve homework and when I have time to read for fun again, but if my biggest stressors of the week are tests and projects, that is a blessing.

So don’t get so consumed by schoolwork. Take this time of life as a blessing to get to enjoy people, exploring your town and planning adventures. Cherish your Christmas and summer breaks while you still have them. You don’t have to go all the way to Iceland to have adventures. Just explore. Live life to the fullest and don’t let college pass you by. I still have one year left at Belmont, but each day I am reminded how fast the time goes.

Happy Fall, Y’all!


Fall is one of my favorite seasons, but I didn’t realize that fall even existed until I came to Belmont. You see, Houston did not get the memo that seasons are a thing. Houston’s progression of seasons goes a little something like this:

Pretty hot

Literally burning

Less hot

Slightly breezy


Needless to say, when the leaves started to change colors my first fall here in Nashville, I was pretty stoked. The trees look beautiful and it is not uncommon (it’s actually a daily occurrence) to see students stopping along the sidewalks to take pictures of the Quad or other trees on campus. I have countless pictures myself (as per the photos in this post). The weather is also perfect – sunny and cool, perfect for boots and sweaters. I also love to run in the fall because the cool air feels nice and refreshing, and it is not yet too cold to where it’s hard to breathe. Basically, fall is perfect.


A fun fall tradition here is to go to a pumpkin patch just down the road to take cute fall pictures for Insta- err… I mean, to buy pumpkins to paint/carve/eat. There is a farmer’s market on 12th Avenue South that sells different produce depending on the season. At the start of October, the tomatoes and carrots and cucumbers are replaced by pumpkins and gourds. The market is always busy with people, and it’s the most beautiful fall scene on 12th.

The Farmers Market in the Spring
The Farmers Market in the Spring
The Farmers Market in the Fall








Another plus of fall… Thanksgiving is so soon! I always start to miss my family around this time because summer feels like it was so long ago. Thanksgiving being right around the corner is a great time to look forward to! This year for Thanksgiving, my family is taking a vacation and doing something we’ve never done before, and I am so looking forward to our trip!

Whether you are used to the rich red, vibrant orange, and brilliant yellow leaves or you are a poor soul like me that has never experienced fall, fall at Belmont is one of the most beautiful things and I hope you get a chance to experience it!


What Time Is It?!

If your first thought upon reading the title was “SUMMERTIME!” and you felt this strange urge to jump up on a desk and start singing, you, my High School Musical friend, are incorrect. Summer is over (sigh…). If you, future Bruin, thought “It’s Bruin Time,” I am proud. We (Belmont) have successfully taught you the most important phrase you will need to know in life. (Whether it is most important is debated, but it is definitely up there on the list of important phrases.)


That’s right. School is back in session and while it is slightly sad that summer has come to an end, I am back in Nashville and all is well. As I exited 65 and turned on to Wedgewood last Monday morning, a smile of relief came across my face. I’m home again.

A brief recap of my summer, for those that may have an interest in the exciting social life of an accounting major…

I went home this summer (to my Texas home with my mom and sister), and it was a sweet time spent with family. I originally wanted to stay in Nashville and work this summer, but God had different plans. I worked at a job that was not super exciting so I won’t bore you with details, but the flexibility of my work allowed me to enjoy some travel in the last half of my summer. During the first half of my summer, I mostly worked and spent time with my mom while my sister finished up her senior year of high school. My mom and I started a clean eating plan which was great, but each week on our cheat day we would try a new taco shop. Our goal was to find our favorite tacos in Houston. It was a fun (and yummy!) challenge.

Tacos from Velvet Taco, one of our favorites!

In the summers, I am a summer staff member for Student Leadership University, meaning that I help host two student conferences each summer. With SLU, I spent one week in San Antonio and one week in Washington, DC and those were perhaps the best weeks of my summer. I love getting to serve with this organization and inspire high school students to be young leaders. After my time in DC, I had about a week at home until I left for an epic California road trip. Sarah (my friend and roommate) and I decided to take a crazy 10 day road trip from her home in Colorado through California and back. A post dedicated to an overview of our adventures is in the works, but for now, just know that it was incredible and Yosemite, if you haven’t been or if you’ve been 100 times, will always take your breath away.


And that was the gist of my summer! Each time I go home, I am thankful for those times because I know they are precious. The longer I spend in Nashville, the more Nashville becomes home to me and the less I go home. It is an exciting time to be living almost-adult life and getting more settled in Nashville, but it is crazy how much I have come to love this place in just two years.


The beginning of the year is always exciting. There is so much energy on campus and so much going on! One thing to look forward to during the first week of school is the BruinLink Fair, also known as the Student Activities Fair. Think of this as an open house for all of the organizations Belmont has to offer. Each organization has a table set up to talk to freshmen (or curious upperclassmen) about how to get involved. It is a fun way to “shop around” for ways to get involved on campus. I represented the MOB Council at the Fair and it was so fun getting to talk to new students and promote Belmont Athletic events.

So with that, here’s to a fabulous year! Stay tuned for my Junior year adventures! 🙂

Welcome back dinner with my friends!
Welcome back dinner with my friends!

Goodbye, Seniors


College is wonderful for many reasons. During your time in college, you will grow exponentially as a person as you are constantly learning more about yourself – how you interact with other people, how to share a room with someone, how to budget your time between work and fun, how to be proactive in getting involved, how to interview and get hired, how you deal with transitions and how to handle them better. One thing that can be both a blessing and a frustration is that each semester looks different than the last. Every semester brings a new set of classes, a new routine, and a new set of faces that you are seeing every day. Friends you had three classes with in the fall are now rarely seen unless you both make the time to have coffee dates once a week. I love this part of college! There is always something changing and I am always having to grow and learn something new, which I enjoy. But I also hate this part of college. This semester I loved my schedule and the people I was seeing every day, and the fact that this time is coming to a close in a week and a half is sad (even though, yes, I am sooo ready for summer), since I know the fall will look completely different. One thing about this recurring transition from one semester to the next, is the constant goodbyes. Every semester, people who have become some of your best friends graduate. Graduate – a word no senior really likes to talk about. That word hold so much meaning – the beginning of life in the adult world, possibly moving, saying goodbye to friends and professors, leaving the comfort of Belmont and the college life.


Having spent this past year working closely with Jonny Woo, I have heard a lot about what this impending transition looks and feels like. I first knew who Jonny was the summer before I started at Belmont. He was on Orientation Council and, apparently, Belmont famous. When I arrived to campus in the fall to begin school, Jonny was still the face of Belmont to me, as he stood on stage and introduced the freshman class to Belmont. When I found out this past fall that Jonny would be my coworker in the Office of Admissions, I was fangirl-excited. THE Jonny Woo would work with me almost every day. I hoped we would become friends. Little did I know how much Jonny would mean to me and how important this friendship would become in my life. (Sorry not sorry for the sappiness to follow.)


Jonny is an incredible person. There is a reason everyone on campus has heard of him. He has the brightest personality that makes everyone feel welcomed and loved. Jonny goes out of his way to care for his friends – staying up late with them to talk through hurts, remembering to ask them about exams or interviews they had been stressed about, bringing them Starbucks on early morning Preview Days, arranging surprise parties for work anniversaries, just to name a few of the ways he has shown love. Jonny truly wants the best for people and his words of advice and encouragement to me have been monumental in stressful times.

In our little ice box of an office in the Office of Admissions, Jonny and I have had shared so many life experiences. We’ve encouraged and prayed each other through stressful days, difficult decisions, keeping with New Year’s resolutions, frustrating friend situations, rejections, heartbreaks, and deaths of friends and family. But we have also cheered and celebrated for each other through successful exams and projects, successful interviews, new leadership roles, improved friend and roommate situations, accepting job offers (Jonny has a big-boy job!), and just wonderful happy days. Jonny has been a constant in my life this past year and we have become such sweet friends that looking on this next year without him… I just cannot picture it.

FullSizeRender (7)

Though saying goodbye to Jonny will be difficult (even though he will still be in Nashville and I expect him to come visit the Office of Admissions often ;)), I am beyond excited for him in this new chapter in life that he is beginning. Jonny did so much with his time at Belmont and, though he will tell you there are things he wish he had spent more or less time doing, his Belmont career is overflowing with great memories that he will have forever. When I graduate in two years, I hope I can look back on my time at Belmont and feel a similar sense that I too got the most out of my Belmont years.


Most of you, incoming freshman, will not have the pleasure of knowing Jonny, unless he was your fearless tour guide when you came to Nashville and toured campus. But his legacy as a Bruin Recruiter, Welcome Desk Worker, Tour Guide, Orientation Council Leader, Belmont Ambassador, Homecoming King, and most importantly, Student Assistant with me will live on in the lives he touched. You can look forward to college because of so many things, but one of the most valuable takeaways from your time in college will be the lifelong friendships that you will make. This has been proven true over and over for me. My best friends are people I have met at Belmont and only known for two years or less. Something about this time in life makes these friendships so sweet and genuine, and you should be so excited to meet the people you will meet in college. Even though graduation will come eventually (hopefully in no more than four years), you will learn to cherish the semesters you have with such great people and those friendships can last forever, no matter where post-graduation sends you.


So get pumped about college, because it will be amazing. And the people you meet, even more incredible.

All About That H


Honors friends at the Frist Museum for Dr. Byrne's class
Honors friends at the Frist Museum for Dr. Byrne’s class

This post is for two groups of people: those of you that are considering the Belmont Honors Program and those of you that will have friends in the Honors Program and will need some assistance understanding why your friends love their Honors family so much and why they like hanging out in the library (so basically, this is for all prospective Bruins). I am going to tell you about my introduction into the Honors Program and why Honors was one of the best decisions I made in my Belmont life.

First Annual Honors Semi-Formal 2015
First Annual Honors Semi-Formal 2015

When I arrived at Belmont for move-in day the fall of my freshman year, I was excited, but extremely nervous. As the TT leaders rushed my car, unloaded my boxes, and moved me into my new home, it was a wonderful whirlwind of excitement as I finally started the Belmont life I had been awaiting all summer long. When my family left for that first night, though, that is when it started sinking in that this would be a major transition and life was really going to look very different.

Mentors at the Freshmen Honors Pizza Party 2015
Mentors at the Freshmen Honors Pizza Party 2015

It was the next day when I met my TT group and I was so thankful. As an Honors student, it was arranged that the members of my TT family were also in Honors and we would all be in the same Honors class that semester. I won’t say that it was love at first sight because it did take a little while for some (me) to loosen up and get comfortable, but my TT family was a great group of people and we all became friends by the end of Towering Traditions and as the semester went on. Throughout TT, the Honors TT groups created a hashtag (#allaboutthath) and a hand-sign that still exists to this day.

Honors Students and Dr. Thorndike at Be Belmont Day 2015
Honors Students and Dr. Thorndike at Be Belmont Day 2015

My TT group was a great introduction into the larger Honors family. My leaders answered our questions, told us their experiences in Honors, and dispelled some rumors about certain Honors professors. It also gave me some familiar faces for the Honors pizza party the night before classes began. This pizza party was wonderful! We were able to mingle with other new Honors students as well as some Honors upperclassmen. We were put into mentor groups with upperclassmen from our area of study and those groups would go on to serve as guidance for the rest of freshman year. I am so thankful that my semester started with being welcomed into the Honors family, and I now I get to serve as an Honors mentor, which is such a rewarding connection to the future of Honors.

Honors Halloween Party 2014
Honors Halloween Party 2014

As the semesters continue, I grow to love Honors even more. One of the most coveted perks of Honors is registration. Honors students get to register for classes on the first day registration opens. The professors are incredible people and truly care about you as a student and want to make sure Honors is serving your education in the best way possible – yes, even the “scary” Dr. Byrne. If I have a question about anything, I go to my Honors advisor, Dr. Thorndike, and he helps me work out a schedule that works best for what I want to do. The best part of Honors, though, is the community. There is a bond between Honors students that is not necessarily explainable, but everyone knows it exists. Maybe it is the shared experiences of reading the Iliad or the late-night library bonding time researching for the next Byrne website that bring us together. Or maybe it is the Honors events that foster such a close community, like the annual Christmas party, the Valentine’s Day party, or the semi-formal. Whatever it is, there is a bond that forms and some of my best friends are people I have met through Honors.

Honors Christmas Party 2014
Honors Christmas Party 2014
Honors Christmas Party 2015
Honors Christmas Party 2015






Whether you are considering Honors or not, I hope this gave you some insight into a great group of people at Belmont. There are plenty of ways to be involved on campus, and this is just one way. I am so glad I chose Honors, and I hope that if you choose to join me, you will feel the same.

Honors friends 2015 Fall Break Trip to St. Augustine, Florida
Honors friends 2015 Fall Break Trip to St. Augustine, Florida


First things first, forgive me for the title of this blog post. I couldn’t resist.

Last week I highlighted some of the good places to eat on Belmont Boulevard, just west of campus. This week I will hop on over to the other side of campus to visit 12 South, another popular place in the area for food, shopping, and sweet treats.

Jonny and me in front of Frothy!
Jonny and me in front of Frothy!

For those of you familiar with 12 South, forgive me if I leave out your favorite restaurant. There are so many great local restaurants (Flipside, Taqueria del Sol, Sloco, MAFIAoZA’s, Bartaco, Las Paletas, Five Daughter’s Bakery, Edley’s Bar-B-Que, Burger Up, and Frothy Monkey, to name a few)  that I can’t possibly include all of them!

Edley's Bar-B-Que
Edley’s Bar-B-Que






Yesterday, Jonny and I took a field trip to 12 South to try Sprinkles, a cupcake shop that is not unique to Nashville but is new to the area. A fun thing about Sprinkles is the Cupcake ATM from which you can order and receive your cupcake. I ordered a cupcake sundae with a dark chocolate cupcake and cookie dough ice cream. I know what you’re thinking – “Wow, I’m sure that was good.” Let me tell you, “good” is an understatement. The ice cream and cake and icing made a delicious combination that made Jonny jealous, but he still enjoyed his milk chocolate cupcake.



We took our cupcakes and strolled down 12 South for a little while. This area of Nashville is home to more than just restaurants, though the food scene is wonderful. Other staples to the area include:

– The “I believe in Nashville” wall that is a popular destination for all Nashville tourists and a fun outing with friends during your first semester at Belmont

FullSizeRender (3)

– Draper James, Reese Witherspoon’s newly opened Southern boutique that is a cute place to shop after dinner

Standing in front of Draper James with my sundae!
Standing in front of Draper James with my sundae!


– Portland Brew, a cozy coffee shop to camp out and work on homework while enjoying a nice, unique cup of coffee, like the Rainforest Mocha

FullSizeRender (6)

– Sevier Park, which is at the end of the stretch of eateries and shops. A perfect Friday afternoon is walking down 12 South and grabbing a sweet snack from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, Sprinkles, or Las Paletas before crossing the street to hammock in the park with friends.

Even though no one does Mexican food quite like Texas, one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Nashville happens to be on 12 South: Taqueria del Sol. This is a popular after-church lunch spot for me and my friends. The tacos (especially the chicken) are wonderful – simple, yet delicious. The Black Bean Enchiladas might be my favorite order – two corn tortillas filled with black beans and topped with queso and this yummy green sauce. You can’t order your meal, though, without starting with either queso or guacamole (or both!); the queso is made from white cheese and is slightly spicy, and the guacamole is so fresh.

Taqueria del Sol with friends after church
Taqueria del Sol with friends after church

Even if you aren’t hungry or looking to shop, 12 South is a great street to walk down with friends, mainly because there are dogs everywhere! Unfortunately, since pets are not allowed in the dorms, you have to be on the lookout for owners walking their dogs in order to get a puppy hug. Occasionally, owners will walk their dogs through campus and you will get to class and hear people talking about the pretty golden retriever they saw walking by the fountain or the German shepherd puppy playing on the lawn. But if you take a stroll down 12 South, there is no doubt that you will see at least 10 dogs by the time you get to the park, where even more dogs are walking and playing with their owners.

You can see a golden retriever on the sidewalk!
You can see a golden retriever on the sidewalk!

Overall, 12 South makes for the perfect weekend outing if you want to stay near campus. From restaurants to shops to dessert to furry friends to hammocking in the park… 12 South has all that a college student could want!

Eating on the Boulevard

On Belmont Boulevard, there a number of local restaurants that are staples in the life of every Belmont student. Chago’s Mexican Cantina, specifically their famous Pollo Gringo (rice, chicken, and queso meal), is a go-to for anytime you and your friends need a break from the Caf (aka the cafeteria). If you need a sushi fix, PM is a natural choice (and it has a great burger if sushi isn’t your thing). Bongo Java is basically a second home to many, as the coffee and atmosphere provide an inviting environment for studying, catching up with friends, or even just getting off campus when classes get canceled because of snow.

Two weeks ago, a new addition was adopted into the Boulevard mix. This was exciting news and buzz about the new eatery quickly made its way around campus. My friend Suzanna and I decided we were going to try it out on day two of it being open for business. This post will recap the resulting food-venture that took place on that one Thursday morning. I will try to keep it from becoming a food review, but the food was amazing, so no promises.

FullSizeRender (1)

Proper Bagel, as it is fittingly called, welcomed a long line of customers as we approached. As we moved up in line, we could see that the design and layout of the shop justified the “proper” in the restaurant’s title. Proper Bagel is definitely unique and trendy, which makes it a perfect fit for the Belmont Boulevard scene and it attracts the entire Boulevard community, not only Belmont students. In line we were offered samples of fresh smoked salmon, which was delightful. My order ended up being olive and jalapeno cream cheese spread on a spinach everything bagel with a hot chocolate and a s’mores tarte for Suzanna and I to share. It. Was. Incredible! The hot chocolate was hands-down the best cup of cocoa I have ever had in my entire twenty years existence. It was literally a cup of warm, melted chocolate, and it was topped with three homemade marshmallows. The eats were amazing, but the atmosphere was also special. Fun fact: Ben Rector and his wife sat at the table next to Suzanna and me. Just a casual dining experience in Nashville.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Nashville is known obviously for its music, but the restaurant scene is not to be forgotten. Nashville’s push for local and trendy eateries has helped to create a unique and delicious restaurant and coffee culture. What’s even better? Belmont is within walking distance to a lot of Nashville’s classic local restaurants. The Caf is good and convenient, but an occasional dinner out with friends makes for a fun (and yummy!) Nashville evening.

Thank you, Ferris Bueller

Winter break is over and classes have begun! It was wonderful to be home with family and old friends celebrating Christmas and the New Year, but I am so glad to be back in Nashville with my friends and back in a routine of classes. It is such a great feeling to know that whether I am traveling to Houston or to Nashville, I am going home. Both places hold so much love and life for me and it is a special privilege to have two wonderful places where I feel at home.

My sister, my cousin, and me - Christmas Eve hike at Pedernales Falls in Austin, Texas
My sister, my cousin, and me – Christmas Eve hike at Pedernales Falls in Austin, Texas

There are so many things I am looking forward to this semester…

This past Sunday, my first Sunday back in Nashville, I went to my church and it was so exciting to be back with my church family. I go to Journey Church in Franklin, which is about a 20 minute drive from campus. I have been going here since October of my freshman year, and I love everything about my church home. This particular Sunday was exciting because we have just moved locations into a temporary space while we wait for a building to be completed. I am so glad I was back in time to celebrate this new chapter with my church.

In February, Jonny (fellow Bruin Blogger, check out his blog) and I are going to the Judah & the Lion concert at the War Memorial Auditorium. If you have listened to their music and/or ever seen them in concert, you know how fun their songs are and how much fun they have on stage, which makes for an incredible concert. Judah & the Lion is a band that was started here at Belmont and now all of the band members are Belmont alum. I am a definite fan, regardless of their Belmont connection, but it is certainly fun to see them doing so well knowing that they went to my school. Jonny and I are looking forward to it and we are listening their music in the office to get ready for the concert.

Check out their song “Rich Kids” here:

For Spring Break, I am going to Puerto Rico on a mission trip with the Bible study I am a leader in called The Living Room. While we are in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico, we will be working with a local church to build a house and play with the children. Two of my roommates are also going on the trip, so we have been practicing our Spanish. It will be a great trip of service, as well as a sweet time to bond with other people in The Living Room. I also love traveling and seeing different cultures, so I am looking forward to seeing Puerto Rico and interacting with the people there.

Be Belmont Day is also later this semester on April 2, which in addition to Preview Day on February 13, are highlights as a Bruin Recruiter. Be Belmont Day is always particularly special for the Bruin Recruiters since it is the last event for the seniors. It is bitter sweet when we have to say goodbye, but it is fun to spend the day serving prospective students together. Jonny graduates in May, which will be a hard goodbye since we have so enjoyed working together in the Admissions Office this year. Thankfully, he will still be in Nashville for his new job, so we will definitely still see each other, just not as Student Assistants.


The semester has just begun but it has already been filled with incredible memories and hopes for the months to come. My main goal for this year, but especially this semester, is to be present. Be fully engaged, enjoy the moments, and do not get too caught up in planning and worrying about the future. I am at this place in life on purpose and I need to enjoy every part of it because before I know it, I will be walking across the stage in the Curb Event Center receiving my diploma. In the words of Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Christmas Time in Music City!

At the Tree Lighting Ceremony on Tuesday!

December always seems to catch me by surprise. It is hard to believe that the fall semester is already coming to a close with finals right around the corner (a week from today)! Amongst the craziness caused by final projects and studying for exams, the Christmas season brings hope that the end of studying is near and soon the joy of the season can be enjoyed fully without the presence of schoolwork. A fun thing about being at Belmont for the start of the Christmas season is all the Christmas festivities on campus and in Nashville. Here is some insight into the Christmas fun that I enjoy at this time of year:

Christmas at Belmont

Christmas at Belmont is a HUGE deal! Every year Belmont puts on this magnificent Christmas production and every other year, the show is filmed and aired on television. This year is a televised year and the taping of the show was last week. Thankfully, I was able to get a ticket to the dress rehearsal that was open for students to attend, and I went to see the show with some friends. WOW! I am constantly blown away by the quality of performances that Belmont puts on, but Christmas at Belmont exceeded anything I could have imagined. There is so much talent here and it is so neat to see my friends on stage doing what they do best. I cannot wait for the production to air and have everyone else appreciate with me the incredible talent of Belmont’s students.

cabChristmas at Belmont will air on PBS in Nashville on December 21 at 9PM CST and December 24 at 9PM CST. For viewing days and times across the country, please check your local listings.

Blizzard on the Boulevard & Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

Just a couple days ago on December 1st, Belmont hosted its 125th Christmas celebration, which included snow machines, Christmas carols, Santa, cookies, hot chocolate, Elsa and Anna, and ended with the Battle of the Boulevard basketball game against Lipscomb, which we won! What a great way to kick off December! It is such a fun atmosphere to stand around the big Christmas tree and talk to friends while enjoying cookies and hot chocolate.

At the Tree Lighting Ceremony on Tuesday!

Christmas Parties

Once Thanksgiving break is over, it seems like there is always a group on campus having a Christmas party! I love getting to spend time with the people I work with just for fun, taking a break from the usual meetings and duties. Whether it’s the Bruin Recruiter, Enactus, or Honors Christmas party, hanging out while playing fun games, making Christmas decorations for the Honors house, or just eating way too many holiday treats is such a special way to get to know the people around you better. And who doesn’t love ugly Christmas sweaters?

Honors Christmas party 2014
Honors Christmas party 2014

Makka Sakka Pi Semi-Formal

Makka Sakka Pi (ΜΣΠ) is a unique sorority started by two friends of mine and the mission is simple: a bunch of girls come together to bake pies for guys (read more about us in this article by Belmont Vision). This is one of my favorite things to be a part of on campus because it is just so fun and simple! On a typical pie baking night (once a month), we come together and bake a handful of pies, and once everything is baked, we deliver them to guys who are deserving of a pie. Each pie recipient receives a certificate and becomes a member of our ΜΣΠ Hall of Fame. Whenever semi-formal comes around, though, we switch up our typical pie baking event. Instead of baking full-size pies and giving them to guys we know, each girl bakes her own personal-size apple pie and we go downtown to deliver them to strangers. It is fun to attempt to explain to strangers why we baked a pie to give away just because we want to. After all of the pies are delivered, we eat dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory while we share stories from our pie-delivery adventures. The 2nd Annual Makka Sakka Pi Semi-Formal is this Saturday and I cannot wait!

Makka Sakka Pi Semi - holding our apple pies!
Makka Sakka Pi Semi – holding our apple pies!

White Christmas

This weekend Belmont’s Musical Theatre presents White Christmas in Massey Concert Hall, which is a great way to kick-off this Christmas season! Our musical theatre group is so impressive and I am looking forward to seeing the production. If you have not had the chance to see them perform and you are able to come for the show this weekend, I highly encourage it! It is amazing to see so much talent on one stage.

Showtimes: Friday, December 4th @ 7:30pm | Saturday, December 5th @ 2:00pm and 7:30pm | Sunday, December 6th @ 2:00pm

Gaylord Opryland Hotel

My friends and I have made it a tradition that each December before finals we get dressed up and go to the Gaylord Opryland Hotel to see the fabulous Christmas lights. The entire hotel is set up like a Christmas village and the extravagant display is a must-see in Nashville. It is certainly a fun holiday outing for friends before everyone heads home for the holidays.

One of the beautiful Christmas light displays at the Opryland hotel
One of the beautiful Christmas light displays at the Opryland hotel

School is very important, of course, and you must be sure to set aside plenty of time for studying, but a study break every now and then to get in the Christmas spirit with friends is healthy too. College is all about finding that happy balance between studying for finals and sipping hot chocolate with close friends. 🙂

First on the Floor – It’s Bruin Time!

Huddled in a crowded hallway, waiting for the signal.

*dun duh-duh-dun dun dun* Go Belmont!

Everyone is decked out in red with Belmont Bruin stick-on tattoos and painted faces.

*dun duh-duh-dun dun dun* Go Belmont!

Everyone is hyped up from the pep rally. So much energy crammed into one space.

*dun duh-duh-dun dun dun* Go Belmont!

You think you heard the signal but you’re not quite sure. You feel the mass of people start to walk forward, little by little, until the pace quickens and pretty soon you’re jogging.

*dun duh-duh-dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnn*

You see the lights and the court, hear the cheerleaders… 


You run out on the court and the whole arena is cheering. The players come out and you give each one a high-five. Your first Belmont Basketball experience has begun. At last, it’s bruin time.

2015 NCAA Tournament watch party in the Curb Event Center
2015 NCAA Tournament watch party in the Curb Event Center

Tonight is the men’s basketball home opener where the tradition is for all freshmen to run out on the court before the game and high-five each player, also known as First on the Floor. As a new Bruin, this is an exciting event – the official introduction into Belmont’s basketball culture. This is where the MOB (the name for Belmont’s student section) really shines.

Basketball season is such an exciting time for Belmont and something everyone should look forward to as a Belmont Bruin. People bring out their Bruin gear and show up to the games to watch our teams kill it on the court – Craig Bradshaw and Sierra Jones hitting the threes, and Coach Byrd and Coach Cam doing what they do best, leading our men’s team and women’s team to victory in the Curb Event Center. Standing in the student section, you learn all the cheers and attempt to remember the words to our fight song (but the words are also on the screen, so don’t worry).

We like threes!
We like threes!

Basketball season at Belmont is more than just watching our teams do well and make their way to the NCAA Tournament (which students have the chance to win a trip to by coming to the most home games). Belmont basketball is also about uniting together as Bruins and as family. Cheering next to your closest friends and standing behind our players that work so hard to perform well is unifying and reminds you of the Bruin spirit that made you fall in love with Belmont in the first place.friends at the game

Basketball season is officially here and I am so pumped! This season is going to be so great for both the men and the women! So far the women have played two home games and won both of them, and tonight we will see how the men do against Western Kentucky at 6:00pm CT in their first home game of the season. Wherever you are, whether in Nashville or across the country, make sure you cheer on the Belmont Bruins because…