Below are some questions/phrases that I will use while trying to converse with the autistic children in Kunming, China.  These are only a few out of many phrases that I will prepare.  I know all these sentences by heart, but I wrote the translation below for those who cannot understand.



What do you like?


Where do you live?


What is your minority?


Do you like animals?


Do you like dogs? Cats? 


I think you are very smart!


You are smarter than me!


You are very pretty!


You are very cute!


Let’s draw together.


Draw me a story.


Draw what you did yesterday.

I once saw a story on the news about a dog really helping an autistic child with communication.  The parents even communicated with their child through the dog!  It was a very interesting thing to see because the autistic child would not really talk with his parents except when they would “pretend” to be the dogs voice.   I know this is extremely unlikely, but I would looove to bring a nice trained dog with me to volunteer sometime.  All the dogs I have seen here in China are usually small, very obedient and never on a leash.   I heard that one of the Chinese teachers at the Keats School has 8 dogs…  MAYBE I will able to arrange that somehow… on some days…

I have also heard from my Chinese teacher that one autistic person drew his entire trip to New York.  I actually remember seeing that on the news!  I immediately learned how to say the last sentences above.  If I can communicate with the children through drawing and art that will be very helpful!

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about image Henna Jurca is a Senior at Belmont University in Nashville, TN with a major in Asian Studies and minor in Chinese. Henna will be volunteering and studying through the Keats School in Kunming, China."