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Evenimente![Events] Week 05/31-06/06

Special events of this week!

Friday, May 31

Cireasa’s high school graduation! We’re so proud of her!!

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Saturday, June 1

In Romania, June 1st is Children’s Day! In honor of that, we all went to the zoo together, and then Ibi and I made food for the next day- the whole day was quite an adventure:)

292696_10201319631619496_561286354_n 383555_10201319630059457_909532789_n 774_10201319621939254_1737043964_n 972026_10201319632059507_1221558148_n 485586_10201319620179210_852265212_nWednesday, June 5

Birthday celebration for 4 of our beloved members! Ibi, Sora Eva, Geta, and Andrea!

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Wednesday, June 5

Our two new volunteers from the States have arrived!


Evenimente![Events] Week 05/23-05/30

Special events of the week! 

Friday, May 24

Eva’s birthday and surprise party!!

IMG_6975 IMG_6986 IMG_6990 IMG_7006 IMG_7007

Monday, May 27

Cireasa’s visitors!


Wednesday, May 29

Visitor Rose from Great Britain!



Friday, May 24

The return of Corina, one of the girls who went to America with Corey and Diana on their last visit!



Annnndddd the amazing race of the ROM assembly line of staff and girls trying to get a huge shipment of supplies in before the torrential rain took its toll!