Jaimee. 10.13.11 – Peanutbutter Partner

I work at the Cheesecake Factory and they partner with Feeding America (the largest food bank in the U.S.). For the month of September, the company was collecting jars of peanut butter or donations to buy peanut butter in bulk at Kroger.

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Nicole, 9.6.11

My name is Nicole and Godgave me $10 to help those in need. I reflected a little longer than 3 days on what to do with this money. People on my floor were going to pull all their money together to support a child and that was one idea, my other was to donate to world vision and buy some ducks. Continue reading

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Jessica, 11.13.10

I was entrusted $20 at the Living a Better Story challenge. It took me a long while to figure out what to do with the money. After several weeks, a couple friends and I decided to do our own version of Weight Watchers (WW) to help shed a couple pounds. Instead of going to official WW meetings, we made our own meetings in which we paid $5 each a week to weigh in. We continued weighing in and paying for 8 weeks while also losing weight. At the end of the 8 weeks, we had $120. We had 2 different causes we were interested in donating our money to. Continue reading

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Shelly, 10.19.10

It took me a while, but I was able to follow God’s calling. As soon as I got the Living a Better Story envelope, I called my boyfriend who goes to Vanderbilt and asked him if he wanted to participate in this program with me. We prayed separately about it, talked about the verses included in the packet together and prayed some more. We both found that God was asking us to give our money to a ministry that helped orphans. We also found that He wanted to multiply our money by having us create a blog. The school year got extremely busy and we had trouble sitting down to create the blog. But we finally did! Then we sent the link out to family and friends. There are several very neat things that came out of this experience. Continue reading

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Dianna, 10.05.10

A letter to University Ministries:

I just wanted to send you a note in regard to the “Living a Better Story” Campaign. I don’t know if you remember me; I stopped in your office recently to give you a check for $20 – the amount I was given to participate in the challenge. I wanted to give it back to you because I felt really bad about not sewing it into someone’s live in the proper amount of time. But you told me to hang on to it, that I could still do something with it. You said to me, “just give it away to somebody that needs it,” and for whatever reason, I remembered that sporatically for days to come. Especially on this day… Continue reading

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Cindy, 10.04.10

I just happily used the money I received from the Portland Donald Miller conference regarding “Living a Better Story.” I had been thinking of some sort of international sharing of our wealth. I love what the Mennonites do to care for those needing help in other parts of the world. So I visited their website to learn that 1/5 of Pakistan is underwater. Below is the article that helped me see that this would be a great way to help others! Hip hip hurray~! Thank you for helping me help others!
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Lea, 10.01.10

It has been over a month and not 21 days since sat in the auditorium listening to Donald Miller’s story. His message was completely captivating and inspiring. I love BOB! My daughter has spent the last weekend with a very high fever and no other symptoms at all. After phone call number two this weekend to her pediatrician, we are trying a different medication to break her fever.  After the first dose, she’s peacefully sleeping off some apparently well-deserved rest. In this quiet moment, I rustled through my stack of to-dos usually piled on the kitchen counter. One of my to-dos from weeks ago was to find the best way to give God’s money that I received from this convocation. After a month of it crossing my mind and quickly shooting down ideas, it became almost a forethought as to how I should spend God’s money.

About ten years ago, my first-cousin, at the age of 33, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is the person in the family I am most mistaken for and probably my closest memory to my father’s side of the family. Continue reading

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Ambika, 10.3.10

My name is Ambika and I am not a student of Belmont.  However, I am an appreciative fan of Donald Miller’s books.  Pretty much every book he has written has become a part of my growth and his reflections seem to become my reflections. 

I’m sorry if I violated some rule that pertained to only students participating, but after hearing Don Miller speak that day, I couldn’t resist trying it out and seeing what would come of it. 
I admit, I had an immensely hard time figuring out what it was that I could do with my $5.  I could donate it to Mocha Club, but I didn’t feel the excitement and the knowing I normally felt when tossing ideas around in my head.  Then life got busy.  So busy that I forgot to go grocery shopping and was eating too much Ramen.  And my better story got put away.   Continue reading
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Kelly, 9.28.10

I never knew $5 could cause me such anxiety and now such joy!

Since receiving $5 at the Donald Miller Living a Better Story convocation September 1, I’ve been all over the place.  I prayed, I talked with family and friends and I searched for creative talents that I do not have.  From the start two things were on my heart—I wanted to help children and everyone should have access to clean, healthy water.  Random?

So I explored every possible way to help children first.  Public schools, education, and mentoring were options that first came to mind.  However, I finally realized that I needed to teach myself (for the one millionth time in my life) that I am not in control and that God could provide a way for me to combine the two with what I had been given—help children get clean water!! Continue reading

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Grace, 9.26.10

  I received $5 in the living a better story packet. I had no idea where I was going to sow the money so I kept it on a shelf until I knew what step to take next. I then heard of worldvision.com  The places you can give in each category are so amazing. After about 3 days I decided to combine the money with my tithe money and purchase two chickens for a family. Continue reading
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