Category: System Maintenance & Upgrades

Campus Network Upgraded Over the Weekend of August 14th

  The campus network upgrade scheduled for last Friday is now completed.    The upgrade went very well and the majority of services (Banner, wifi, resnet, portal) were up and running  by 9pm Friday night.  The upgrade included several major security enhancements as well as increasing bandwidth from 1GB to 4GB of  IP services.   Kudos to …

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Belmont Launches new version of Classfinder

As part of the University’s ongoing efforts to increase effectiveness through technology, the Classfinder application is being upgraded to a new and improved version. Classfinder 2.0 performs all the same functions as the previous incarnation, but offers a cleaner, more manageable user experience. In addition, the “Advanced Search” tab allows users to search for classes …

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Telephone Interruptions update

There was a short interruption of telephone service around 8:45 this morning for 5 minutes so that we could reboot the campus PBX system. Telephone services are up and running, while we continue to run diagnostics on the switch to verify the integrity of all telephone systems. Late yesterday afternoon some off-campus users were receiving …

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