Campus WiFI Expands for Fall 2015

Over the last several years we have greatly expanded and improved the quality of WiFi services on campus.  Nearly the entire campus has wireless services and we are working hard to expand the number of users we can support at anyone time in every classroom.  Over the summer we installed WiFI for students in Hillside which was long over due.  We are also actively working on adding more capacity in Inman.

This year alone with the addition of the Johnson Center and new Wifi in Hillside we will have increased WiFi capacity by 42%.  Since 2009 we have increased the number of APs (access points) on campus from a little over a 100 to over 600 APs a 600% increase in equipment.

Our goal this year is to continue to expand and improve services so that we can eventually support every seat in every classroom.  Once we have upgraded Inman we will be looking for additional areas on campus to improve.  We realize that WiFi is an essential resource for students, faculty and our many guests that come on campus every day.

If you have an area where we can improve please let us know.   You can email Randall Reynolds or Randy Capps and we will look at areas where we need to make additional WiFI enhancements.