Using Email Reply and Reply ALL in OWA plus a bonus tip

For Faculty and Staff Belmont Email users

Please be aware there is a difference between REPLY and REPLY ALL when sending email on campus.   I always try to read the message before I reply to an email message but it happens.  I think part of the problem with REPLY ALL is more of us are strictly using the web version of Outlook or OWA (outlook web application).  The OWA web client has replaced for many users the use of the outlook application that we so dearly love.

If you use the OWA web client exclusively you need to make sure that the default reply is not set to Reply all.  Many users also use the Outlook client on their PC and Mac which has more features then the web version. The OWA client is much more web and mobile friendly and does not require you to install software.  So, the choice is yours on how to manage your Belmont campus email whether on the WEB or on a PC or MAC as an application.

How to change default reply setting in OWA web client only.

  1. Login to
  2. Select OPTIONS under the star symbol on right top of screen
  3. Go to REPLY Settings under Options
  4. Set default reply to REPLY

This will change the default option on the OWA screen to show REPLY first.  You can still select REPLY ALL in the drop down box.


BONUS TIP— How to recall an email in Outlook client on your PC or MAC

The bonus tip is that you can RECALL SENT messages in the OUTLOOK client on your PC or MAC.  You can not do this in OWA which is the web client.  The recall is a race against time because you can only recall the message if the receiver has not read the email.  so, good luck.

To recall a SENT message.

  1. Select the SENT message
  2. Select the ACTIONS button on MOVE part of ribbon at top
  3. Select Recall This Message (if not grayed out)
  4. If this is GRAY its been read by the person you emailed…sorry.

I hope this information if helpful and if you need assistance you can always….email me.


Randall (x5471)