Unified Messaging – Voicemail to Email

Over the summer the most recent upgrade of the  campus voicemail system now supports unified messaging.  What that means is we can now forward your campus voicemail to yourcampus email mail box.    This is a great new way to better manage voicemail and for some, it will simplify keeping up with managing voicemail and email.  For faculty who may not be in the office everyday or staff who want to keep track of all support calls over the weekend the unification of these two technologies will be an important upgrade.

If your voicemail box is set up with this new feature all new voicemails will forward to your email address as an email with an attached WAV file.  You can then listen to the WAV file on your Iphone or at your desktop or anywhere you read your campus email.  The voicemail message will still stay there even if you delete the email.  To remove you then have to go into your voicemail system to delete or save.

All new voicemail boxes will be set up when created by the Telecommunications Office with email addresses if the user wants to use this feature.  If you would like to use unified messaging for your voicemail you can contact Jim Early or Gary Hunter to add email forwarding to your voicemail box. This new feature is available to all faculty and staff and forwarding will be done only to Belmont email accounts.