Office 365 program for students Fall 2015

Students currently enrolled at Belmont are entitled to a free subscription to Microsoft Office 365.


When a student signs in to the Office 365 Belmont Storefront at and are confirmed as being a current student they are given a one year subscription to Office 365.  They are then allowed to download and use Office 365 products on to up to 5 computers, tablets and phones.


At the end of that year when their subscription expires the student receives an email at their account notifying them that their subscription has been disabled.  The email contains a link to sign in to reconfirm their eligibility.  Once confirmed they will receive another email containing login information to reactivate or re-download Office 365.


Student support for Office 365 is completely provided by Kivuto, who manages the storefront and licensing.

If a student needs support please direct them to the following links:


Store front

Help page

Contact information



David Elder

Network Services