Office 365 Free to all Currently Enrolled Students

Office 365 Pro Plus available free to all enrolled Fall 2015 Belmont students.

For Fall 2015 all Belmont students are eligible for a free download of Microsoft Office applications.
The download includes word, excel and powerpoint.
The program requires each student to validate their current status as an enrolled student every 30 days.
This is a simple process by selecting a link within MyBelmont.

In order to be eligible for Office 365 ProPlus via the Microsoft Student Advantage program students must meet the following criteria.

  • I am a current student
  • I will be given access to Office 365 ProPlus for a defined time period, after which I will receive a notification and I will have to re-verify my status on this website
  • If I am no longer a student or cannot successfully re-verify my student status on this website I will no longer have access to Office 365 ProPlus
  • I will discontinue all use of Office 365 ProPlus when I graduate or when I am no longer an active student
  • I must connect to the internet with the device on which Office 365 ProPlus is installed at least once every 30 days otherwise the software will enter reduced read-only functionality mode


Store URL, must be eligible student to download.

Help Link:

Support Contact Link: