Technology Scammers

The Belmont community needs to be aware of possible scam artists calling different departments across campus asking for serial numbers from HP, Samsung, and possibly Dell printers.  These scam artists use the serial number from these printers to get warranty parts from the manufacturers, which they sell for profit. They may have information on the make and model of the printers or copiers in your office area. If requested, they may even provide a telephone number for their “company” which they will use to convince you of their authorization to collect information. Also, a number of departments have received calls from individuals posing as members of Information Technology Services or vendors wanting someone to give them a PO for toner supplies.

These scam artists will sound convincing if you talk to them long enough. Do not give them that opportunity.  If anyone calls your department claiming to be from ITS, a printer or toner company and they request serial numbers from the printers in your office or want a PO number, tell them you are not allowed to give out that information and hang up.

For more information please contact Millicent Marshall 615-460-5520