Campus Network Upgrades for Fall 2014


To: Staff and Faculty


I want to give you a quick update about notable upgrades to the campus network for this term.


1. Our campus wireless network footprint has grown by 75% since fall of 2013.   We  increased the number of APs (access points) from around 250 to over 430 APs.   That’s over 180 new APs spread across the campus just to support wireless services.   As an example of how wireless has evolved this last year we installed over 80 APs  in the WAC alone.  This ensures that wireless services covers the entire building including student study areas, dining, chapel, classrooms and faculty offices for the first time.  We will continue to improve wireless as a priority in all other classroom buildings on campus and faculty offices as budget permits.  (hint—each wireless AP costs about $800 for hardware and wiring depending on the location…so it’s an expensive and essential resource!)


2. Over the summer we expanded and improved wireless access in McWhorter, Athletic areas, Curb Café and Event Center.  We also installed wireless for the first time in the Belmont Commons for residential students. We are also planning additional wireless in Fidelity this month.


3. We installed our first 10GB segment from the WAC to the campus core network.  All  buildings on campus have a 1GB connection so this is quite an investment to make sure we continue to have excellent internet service across the campus.


4. On Tuesday morning this week around 10am AT&T upped our campus Internet service from 750mb to 1GB.  We were maxing out our Internet usage especially between the hours of 10-1am each night.  This will provide a better and faster Internet for all our students.  In 2008 during the presidential debate Belmont had 44mb of Internet for the campus.  That translates that we have increased our campus bandwidth by over a factor of 20 times in just six short years!


My thanks go to all of the Technology Services team to getting school started well and in particular Network Services for a tireless effort to manage the growth and complexity of the campus network.  Network Services is led by Randy Capps, Manager, and includes David Elder our campus email administrator, Andrew Kee who was promoted to Wireless Network Engineer last term and Chris Baga.   Chris Baga, Security Systems Technician,  also works now in Network Services  as we continue to expand the network to support IP based security hardware for digital cameras and access control.