Campus Use of Internet Bandwidth Update Fall 2012

Over the last several years I have chronicled the growth of Internet bandwidth usage at Belmont.   Since we started purchasing our bandwidth from the  state network or NetTN at a much more reasonable price we have been able to meet the bandwidth needs of a fast growing campus.   To meet the demand we have  increased  the amount of bandwidth available to campus users  by 17 fold from 44mb in 2008 to 750mb today at nearly the same cost.     In addition, the number of physical networks at Belmont have grown to include two wireless networks, a campus security video network and the general campus network for faculty and staff.   Since we opened up the Belmont campus wireless network in 2010  usage has grown in both numbers of visitors and devices.   All of these campus networks share the available bandwidth from our connection to the state NetTN network.

Below I have attached a few graphs that are snapshots of Internet usage taken on October 30th and Oct 31st  over a 48 hour period.  Because our campus operates 24 hours a day the actual consumption of bandwidth by faculty and staff and by residential students is complementary.   The graphs tell us several things about our dependence on the Internet to do our work.   The peaks and valleys of the graphs also show us when we are actively using the Internet.   When faculty and staff  are asleep at 1am our students are actively using the Internet.  Likewise, when faculty and staff are working at 8am and students are in class (or should I say 10am)   student usage is much lower.   So, its fortunate we work different shifts at Belmont.   Network Services continues to monitor the usage of bandwidth and we are actively looking at when we will need to expand yet again the available bandwidth for everyone.  Kudos to Randy Capps, Network Services Manager,  for supplying the nice pictures.

To view each of these graphs in a larger format, simply click on the graph.


The Campus Network graphs usage over a 2 day period on October 30 and Oct 31st.

Campus Network Faculty and Staff

The Belmont Guest Wireless Network (available in classroom buildings and open areas on campus)

Belmont Guest Wireless

The Residential Wireless  Network or RESNET graphs student usage of wireless in the residence halls.

Peak usage times are from 11pm-1am which is not surprising I think.

Resnet Wireless


The Residential wired network or RESNET graphs student usage of wired internet  in the residence halls.

RESNET Wired Internet usage