ITS and Debate08- A Huge Success!!!

It is hard to believe that its been nearly a month since Debate08. Nearly a year in the planning Debate08 was the largest project that Belmont and certainly ITS has accomplished todate. Nearly 400 Belmont staff worked on the event. The requirements for the debate were overwhelming and challenging for IT at Belmont. The IT effort was led by Randall Reynolds, Director of Technology Serivces, Randy Capps, Network Manager, Gary Hunter, Telecom Manager. IT partnered with ATT Nashville in the project. Spending hundreds of person hours as well as over a million dollars Debate08 was success for everyone at Belmont and IT in particular. Requirements included running over 70 miles of copper and fiber and building out separate facilities for telephones, data and wireless. About 1100 telephones and voicemail boxes were installed as well as 3000 online accounts and 1.5 GB of Internet installed. Many staff volunteered to work the long hours and User Services led the effort to provide support for the thousands of reporters and visiting dignitaries. We are tired but proud to have contributed to Belmont’s success.