Ever wonder how many phones there are on campus?

While the campus has grown the number of telephones have grown as well. Also, add to that alarm circuits and fax machines. Oh, I forgot, voicemail boxes. The campus uses Nortel systems and last May upgraded
to a Succession 1000 switch preparing the campus for VOIP.
Here is the lowdown on the numbers….
3797 total phone circuits
1019 digital (975 are in staff/faculty offices)
2778 analog phones
of those 2778:
approx. 1600 are student or student phones
approx. 950 are faculty/staff phones
approx. 125 fax/elevator/alarms/emergency phones
102 for VM connectivity and PRI (38/64)
also, total number of voicemail boxes?
3300 voice boxes, of that total 1802 are non-voice boxes (menus and mail boxes where messages cannot be left)