Top 10 Fast Facts: About ITS

Thought you knew everthing about Information Technology Services at Belmont University? Well, here’s my July 2005 list of facts that may or not be interesting, but its a view of ITS that many on campus may not know. While the list is certainly not comprehensive it is at least short. enjoy.

    Top 10 Fast Facts:

  1. ITS blocks over 100,000 spam emails a month
  2. ITS support over 3500 telephone, faxes, alarms and cameras on campus
  3. ITS supports around 900 faculty, staff and lab computers
  4. ITS provide 70 channels of cable TV (BTV) on a fiber based distribution network
  5. This fall RESNET will have 2000 teenagers on our campus residential network
  6. ITS supports over 24 computer labs on campus
  7. We have over 150 wiring closets on campus for voice, data and cable TV
  8. We use a high speed wireless transmitter to connect Ocean Way and Studio B saving Belmont the expense of T1’s (about $12K a year)
  9. Our web sites receives an average of 6-10 million hits a month (one of the first schools in TN with a web site in 1994)
  10. Our Network is up 99.96% (down less then 2 hours over the year)