Unified Messaging – Voicemail to Email

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Over the summer the most recent upgrade of the  campus voicemail system now supports unified messaging.  What that means is we can now forward your campus voicemail to yourcampus email mail box.    This is a great new way to better manage voicemail and for some, it will simplify keeping up with managing voicemail and email.  For faculty who may not be in the office everyday or staff who want to keep track of all support calls over the weekend the unification of these two technologies will be an important upgrade.

If your voicemail box is set up with this new feature all new voicemails will forward to your email address as an email with an attached WAV file.  You can then listen to the WAV file on your Iphone or at your desktop or anywhere you read your campus email.  The voicemail message will still stay there even if you delete the email.  To remove you then have to go into your voicemail system to delete or save.

All new voicemail boxes will be set up when created by the Telecommunications Office with email addresses if the user wants to use this feature.  If you would like to use unified messaging for your voicemail you can contact Jim Early or Gary Hunter to add email forwarding to your voicemail box. This new feature is available to all faculty and staff and forwarding will be done only to Belmont email accounts.


Office 365 program for students Fall 2015

Students currently enrolled at Belmont are entitled to a free subscription to Microsoft Office 365.


When a student signs in to the Office 365 Belmont Storefront at https://belmontu.onthehub.com and are confirmed as being a current student they are given a one year subscription to Office 365.  They are then allowed to download and use Office 365 products on to up to 5 computers, tablets and phones.


At the end of that year when their subscription expires the student receives an email at their pop.belmont.edu account notifying them that their subscription has been disabled.  The email contains a link to sign in to reconfirm their eligibility.  Once confirmed they will receive another email containing login information to reactivate or re-download Office 365.


Student support for Office 365 is completely provided by Kivuto, who manages the storefront and licensing.

If a student needs support please direct them to the following links:


Store front https://belmontu.onthehub.com/

Help page http://belmontu.onthehub.com/WebStore/Support/WebStoreHelpContents.aspx

Contact information http://belmontu.onthehub.com/WebStore/Support/ContactUs.aspx



David Elder

Network Services




Spam Email on campus

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Every day the Belmont email system blocks literally thousands of spam messages.  However, some still get through even with the filters that are set up.    The spam email below has a number of characteristics that are troubling.   For example, smart spammers will use official logos and familiar names in their email to legitimize the fraud.   The links will usually go to an email form on a server that is hidden where they want you to type in your information.

The links look legit.  The person looks legit (kinda).   The spammer uses the Microsoft logo and even says copyright, but none of this is correct. Their goal is to lead you to click a link and enter your personal information.  When you get a spam email we can help Microsoft block these by submitting them to Microsoft directly as spam.  That way they can improve their spam filter to reduce the effectiveness of these crooks.

To submit a spam email to Microsoft you can do the following…

In your email, whether you’re using Outlook or logged into your email on the web:

1 Create a new blank email message.

2 Drag and drop the spam email into the body of the new email to add it as an attachment.

3 Copy and paste the original spam message Subject Line into the new message Subject line.

4 Do not add anything to the body.

5 Send your new message to abuse@messaging.microsoft.com


From: Marilyn Plummer <not a real person>
Date: August 31, 2015 at 12:54:25 PM CDT
To: Marilyn Plummer MPlummer@hyyy.mi.gov
Subject: To all Faculty and Staff


To all Faculty and Staff,

Our system upgrade to 100 GB inbox space has been completed.

Your emails won’t be delivered by our server, unless email account is confirmed.

Visit our  Faculty/Staff E-mail confirmation portal  to confirm details of your user account.

Note that, password shouldn’t be change once email account has been confirmed.

Improving and protecting your email account is our primary concern.

Copyright©2015 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Campus Network Upgraded Over the Weekend of August 14th

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The campus network upgrade scheduled for last Friday is now completed.    The upgrade went very well and the majority of services (Banner, wifi, resnet, portal) were up and running  by 9pm Friday night.  The upgrade included several major security enhancements as well as increasing bandwidth from 1GB to 4GB of  IP services.   Kudos to Director of Network Services, Randy Capps, and his team, Dave Elder and Andrew Kee in working hard in planning, implementing and making sure that everything came back up in good order and quickly.  Several other IT staff also worked over the weekend to ensure a smooth and nearly flawless upgrade of a very complicated network that is both residential and in the cloud.

Please let me know if you have any issues or concerns from the upgrade so that we can address those as soon as possible this week.




Campus CATV upgraded to HDTV

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Our campus cable TV vendor, Campus Televideo or CTV, has upgraded our CATV system to meet current digital TV standards.   The campus Cable TV system is an all-digital system which now includes some high-definition channels. In order to take full advantage, please be sure to bring a digital TV with QAM tuner for use on campus.  A QAM tuner enables your digital TV to receive digital cable channels directly without a set top box. If you are unsure if your TV has a QAM tuner, please check with your TV’s manufacturer. QAM standards for digital TV reception was first mandated by the FCC in 2007.   Campus Televideo provides digital TV service to more than 240 campuses across the United States.

How do I Setup my television when I arrive on campus?

All TV’s will require re-tuning, usually via an auto-programming or channel scan feature in the menu of your television, in order to capture all new channels. Please ensure that the Standard Cable Setting is selected (not Air, Antenna, HRC or IRC).  We have found that the auto-programming process can be as swift as 5 minutes, up to 45 minutes depending upon the television being programmed.

Is my Television compatible?

Campus Televideo is an all digital system using QAM technology. QAM is a type of digital signal that is used by cable companies to distribute television and other telecommunication mediums. This change is similar to the 2009 digital TV switchover that was mandatory for OTA (Over The Air) broadcast stations. (Important: QAM signals are different than Over the Air signals.  If you buy a digital converter or set top box from a local electronics store, it will most likely NOT work.)

  • Analog TV’s or TV’s that are generally more than 5 years old may require the purchase of a digital-to-analog converter box (QAM Tuner noted above) in order to view the new channels since the old analog system is being replaced with a digital signal.  The cost of the converter / tuner will be the responsibility of the student.  These converter boxes can be purchased through Amazon for the conversion of an older set with an analog tuner.
  • Will my TV work with our new system?  How can I tell if my TV has a QAM tuner?
    • If your television has been manufactured within the last 5 years, there is a good chance that it can receive the QAM signal.
    • The easiest way to tell if your model will work is to either:
      • Refer to the documentation which came with your television, look for QAM capable
      • Google your make and model, look for QAM-capable

More information about CATV HD on campus can be found on Belmont’s web site at this link.   If you have any questions about the upgrade please let us know by sending an email to telecom@belmont.edu.


Office 365 Free to all Currently Enrolled Students

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Office 365 Pro Plus available free to all enrolled Fall 2015 Belmont students.

For Fall 2015 all Belmont students are eligible for a free download of Microsoft Office applications.
The download includes word, excel and powerpoint.
The program requires each student to validate their current status as an enrolled student every 30 days.
This is a simple process by selecting a link within MyBelmont.

In order to be eligible for Office 365 ProPlus via the Microsoft Student Advantage program students must meet the following criteria.

  • I am a current student
  • I will be given access to Office 365 ProPlus for a defined time period, after which I will receive a notification and I will have to re-verify my status on this website
  • If I am no longer a student or cannot successfully re-verify my student status on this website I will no longer have access to Office 365 ProPlus
  • I will discontinue all use of Office 365 ProPlus when I graduate or when I am no longer an active student
  • I must connect to the internet with the device on which Office 365 ProPlus is installed at least once every 30 days otherwise the software will enter reduced read-only functionality mode


Store URL, must be eligible student to download.


Help Link:


Support Contact Link:



Dell Back to School Student Discout Promotion Fall 2015

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Dell’s Back to School Student Discount Promotion, a free promotion that serves as a way to thank customers for their business and extend a special discount to employees and their students, has recently been announced for Belmont University.

Key Program Elements include:

– Discounts on personal purchases (laptops, desktops and accessories)

– Access to Exclusive Promotions

– Call in Price Guarantee

– Back to school offer, “Buy a Dell, get a 32”TV!”

– Holiday offers for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

For more information, click here or contact Blake Masters at blake_masters@dellteam.com.

What does 1 minute of the Internet look like in 2015?

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Thought is would be fun to share this image!  Click on the image below to get a more detailed view of the types of data streaming on a minute by minute basis.

I am not sure how correct this image is but it certainly makes you think about the vast volume of digital data that streams across the Internet at moment of time.


Tegrity Usage for Spring 2015

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Tegrity continues to grow in popularity with our students.  Students are accessing Tegrity more frequently and reviewing materials for longer periods of time.  This Spring term students viewed classroom recordings over 28,445 times logging 9264 hours of classroom viewing hours.  That represents 386 full days of students viewing materials this term.

This is up from last fall of student 19209 visits with 6860 Hours of viewing or a 48% increase from fall to spring usage of lecture capture technology. This term faculty recorded 789 sessions for a total of 583 storage hours.   This represents approximately 60 faculty from Health Sciences, Pharmacy, Business and the Law School using Tegrity for lecture capture.




Belmont APP released version 1.0

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Around March 24th the BelmontU APP and MyBelmont APP were released in the Apple and Google Play store for download.   Over the last two weeks about 2000 people have downloaded the BelmontU APP.   This would quite an undertaking after nearly two years of constant effort to come up with an APP strategy for the campus.  The BelmontU APP is for non-authenticated APP and can be used by anybody who has a need to find their way around campus or look up a Professor’s name.

The MyBelmont APP is for authenticated users only and you have to have an account on MyBelmont to access.  The APP includes several functions including Drop/ADD and Leave Time for employees.  To access you must use your MyBelmont login credentials to access your data.  Images of the BelmontU App is in Blue and MyBelmont in Red below.

BelmontApp-168x300          MyBelmontApp-168x300

To date there have been 2000 downloads of the Belmont APP.  The most used APP within the APP is Blackboard.  To use the Blackboard APP you must enter your BUID and MyBelmont password the first time you access the application.app-usage_8apr15


All of this could not have happened without a lot of effort by a bunch of dedicated Belmont Employees.  Paul Chenoweth was the IT Project lead for the project.  If you have questions about the APP you can email them to mobileapps@belmont.edu

For more information you can read this article on the release here.


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