Back to Atlanta

All have arrived safely back in Atlanta. Our flight from Atlanta to Nashville has been delayed for 30 minutes, so we will be a little later arriving home.

Update: The bus carrying the team to campus pulled into the Curb Event Center loading zone a little past 7:15pm. Go Bruins!

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3 Responses to Back to Atlanta

  1. Otis McCowan says:

    You kept us extremely well informed. The basketball coverage was good and the pictures were wonderful. Thank you! All those familiar sights make me want to go back to Italy. Looks like the team is ready to give us another exciting season of basketball.

  2. Patrick Russo says:

    Bruins: bentornati

  3. Betty Wiseman says:

    WELCOME HOME!! I’m sure there are some tired and sleepy “puppies” in classes this morning!
    Thanks, Paul, for letting us enjoy the trip through the blog. You are the best!