Headed Home

The team will be boarding a bus for the airport in the next 30 minutes. The flight home is over 11 hours, so hopefully all will get some rest. Arrival in Nashville is scheduled for 5:30pm.

Thanks again to all who visited and especially those who took time to add comments. It means a lot!


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3 Responses to Headed Home

  1. Peter Powell says:

    Safe travels to all. Thanks for making Bruin Nation a part of the trip Paul. Superb job as always! Have a great fall Bruins . . . see you at the Curb in just over 2 months.

  2. Sara Grace Vaughn says:

    We are praying for safe travel. So glad everyone had a good time. See you at the airport!!!

  3. Toni (Wright) Poole says:

    Thank you for keeping such a great blog! I’ve really enjoyed keeping up with you all on this trip. The pictures were amazing! I’m so ready for the season to start! Go Bruins!