New Images from Pisa & Sienna

From the Photo Gallery tab at the top of the page. Go from the first page of thumbnail images to pages 6 and 7 by clicking the next link at the bottom right-hand corner of the gallery. The Pisa images are pretty easy to spot…you see, there is this tower with a slight problem *grin*.

All images in the Photo Gallery are clickable to view larger versions.

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3 Responses to New Images from Pisa & Sienna

  1. earl hedgepeth says:

    how did the bruins fare in game 3?

    • paul says:

      Earl, We found ourselves in Scauri last night without any Internet connectivity. A bus accident earlier in the day severed the phone and Internet connections for most of the town. Belmont won 96-63.

  2. Ken/Margaret Sidwell says:

    Paul thanks for sharing this amazing trip with us through your pictures and words….we have checked in with you each and every day …. sounds like a great win last night…congratulations to all…