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The Neighbors, the Niños, the Mountai...

Today was packed with new experiences, relationships formed, and questions pondered thereafter. The events involved an informal meeting with El Paso Border Patrol officers, games with children at a daycare known as ‘El Jardín,’ a hike up ‘A’ Mountain, and an open dinner hosted by a church’s bookkeeper. We woke up and rode to the […]

Take a Hike

Today Team Border enjoyed a fun-filled 4 mile hike to the top of A mountain on a warm and sunny New Mexico day.


I’d like your help casting a terrible Hollywood blockbuster I just wrote. Here’s the pitch. We open on a chain-link fence with countless governmental signs warning of lethal consequences. In the background we see a nuclear power facility. A light from the top of the tower sweeps across the camera as three shadowy figures hurriedly […]

Serving our Community, Educating Ours...

Tuesday morning we served with A Wider Circle, a community organization in Maryland that provides a host of services to low-income clients. At A Wider Circle, individuals can furnish their homes for the first time, adults can update their business wardrobes and skill sets, and families can start on the pathway out of poverty. Our […]

Disruption and the D.C. Way

               The students participating in the Belmont Immersion trip to Washington D.C. are staying with a church called “Church of the Pilgrimage”, which is a seasoned host to many groups doing alternate spring break trips just like us. Several of the programs we attend are set up through the […]

Everything Happens For A Reason

This week, through all its ups and downs, has definitely been one to remember. This was my first mission trip, so in all reality, I had no idea what I was getting myself into…   I wasn’t even signed up for this trip to begin with! I had originally planned on going to Mobile, Alabama. […]

What about second dinner? (Goodbye, N...

There aren’t really any words I can say about this trip, so once again, each person has told a story or made a comment about this magical, beautiful week. “One of the greatest things I saw in New York was the local population becoming the change they wanted to see. Local volunteers really showed me that these […]

Beyond The Border.

While the majority of the immigrant population on the border suffers from extreme poverty, lack of resources such as food & water, minimal education, and intense discrimination, they continue to hold onto the little bit of hope that remains. At the beginning of the trip, while standing in front of the fence dividing the two […]

Prisoners of Azka… Alcatraz

Today was a free day of fun and excitement! Our group was split into two as some of us went to Haight-Ashbury and others of us went to Alcatraz. Haight-Ashbury is a series of blocks that is very hippie-esque and includes a plethora of drug-rug hoodies, multi-colored messenger bags, etc.  Alcatraz is the island on […]

The Compost: We Have Moldy Oranges!

When you walk up to the buildings that comprise the East Oakland Boxing Association, everything is very unassuming, albeit colorful. Murals cover the sides of the buildings with character and encouragement… perhaps that should have been the first sign that we were about to walk into someplace special. Here’s some background: the EOBA Program is […]