No, We Hate Comedy!

You might be wondering why we’ve come to hate comedy….well, I will get to that, don’t worry.

God blessed us with smooth traveling on Saturday, so we are very thankful for that. Other than a few problems with boarding passes, we didn’t encounter any issues. We flew into New York just as it was getting dark so the skyline was lit up which was quite a breathtaking spectacle.  The staff at Metro Baptist are some of the friendliest people I have met and have made us feel so welcome and at home here. We get to treck up four flights of stairs multiple times a day to get to our dorm but I like to look at it as a workout that I didn’t count on. We are about four blocks from Times Square, right in the center of Hell’s Kitchen.  It’s so awesome to be able to be that close to where everything is going on. We went to Times Square saturday night and we quickly learned that comedy shows are very popular in New York. Probably about fifteen people tried to stop us and tell us about a comedy show so we eventually just told them we hate comedy and laughing. To say the least, Times Square was an entertaining experience.

We had the opportunity to attend worship this morning at Metro Baptist. It was a great service and very interesting to see how New Yorker’s worship. The service reminded me of churches back home so it was cool to see how God’s presence is unchanging and still as strong in other parts of the country, especially a city known for it’s supposed lack of faith. After service, we had lunch then met with Robert, our immersion leader, and discussed what we know about the city, learned about the neighborhoods, and then visited a New York City apartment. One of the staff members, Amanda, and her husband, Graham, were gracious enough to invite us into their apartment in the Lower East Side and showed us the living conditions in New York, talked about the cost of living, and the history of the area which was an eye opener to me. After that we walked to the Chinatown area and had dinner in a Chinese restaurant then came back to the dorm.

The main issues we focused on during devotion and our immersion session included the cost of living, poverty, gentrification, and many more. Robert encouraged us to open our eyes to more than the tourist attractions and try to see how God works through the people, the relationships, and the difficult situations we encounter through the week. We are looking forward to seeing what God has in store for us through our service opportunities and the relationships we make along the way.

-Alexandria Hancock


  1. Dana Hancock
    March 6, 2011    

    I am so proud of the students on this mission trip that have chosen to spend their Spring Break ministering to others in New York City. I know you all had other options, but God will bless your lives this week in amazing ways! You will bless the people you are able to serve, but you will be blessed beyond your imagination by your experiences with them! Your life will take a path even closer to God!! It will be a life changing week – watch how God works in and through you this week! (And of course, I’m very proud of my baby girl Alexandria for using her gifts to write this article!)

  2. Dana Hancock
    March 8, 2011    

    Thank you for sharing your message Brian. I have seen ground zero and it is still devastating to so many and really touched me emotionally. I wasn’t aware of the mission of St. Paul’s church during the tragedy, and it is wonderful to see yet another way that God used his “CHURCH” (the body of Chirst) to reach out in a great time of need for so many. Thank you for letting me see this through your eyes today! I will continue to pray for the group!