Armadillos in the Rain

After a long, exhausting, little bit rainy week on Cumberland Island, the Immersion.Creation team has made it safely back to Nashville! We shared some amazing experiences at our humble camp this week. We bonded and built a community, all the while appreciating the beauty of the natural world surrounding us. This island was nearly lost to a developer, before the National Park Service swept in and saved it. The fact that this wilderness could have been lost really made us think about not taking this world and all we have for granted, and to preserve what we can. After a long week of cleaning up trash, clearing trails, tracking feral horses, and stalking armadillos (all the while trying to keep warm and dry), we all woke up at 5am this morning and hiked to the beach to see the sun rise. This was the perfect end to the week. No matter what happens, the sun will always rise in the morning. This is a short post, but I wanted each team member to include how they felt about the experience on the island. Because of the 5am and the 9+ hours in a van, that post will follow… Now, to sleep in beds for the first time in a week. We definitely learned to appreciate the little things.