New Perspective!

1654263_656909044367220_2024213323_nComing to New York I kinda had a stereotypical view of the people as being mean and stuck up but that all changed once I really begin to listen. Yes there are definitely those who may n0t be in the best of spirits and then there are those who are amazingly pleasant. Being in NYC really opened up my eyes to life and another way of life. Things there move fast and people are always on the move unlike the south where we’re a little slower and take so much for granted. Learning that there are over 53,000 accounted for homeless people in NYC & at least 23,000 Homeless children really broke my heart. It really made me¬†evaluate of what is it that I can really do to help solve that problem? There are numerous of things first by starting in my own community and filling that void of hopelessness and providing opportunities and giving back whether that be through finances or my time that makes all the difference. Along the way I met some great people who I consider friends and one in particular was our Immersion Director (AJ)¬†at Metro Baptist Church. AJ sacrificed his time and really made us feel welcome and was very knowledgeable when we had questions. He’s a young guy himself so he was fun to hang out with and really made my stay in NYC a blast. Through it all I learned so much about myself, and made great friends along the way.

~MarQuis Hardin~