A Bold Cry in a Simple Place

While listening to all that occurred today here on immersion.border, I was constantly drafting what frustrations I would voice in this post. I would issue a passionate battle cry to aid those less fortunate than us, demand that the government immediately change the issues at hand regarding immigration, and try to solve numerous other complex issues. I thought of symbolism between dictatorships in the past and the ill-treatment of immigrants and double standards enacted by our government today. I felt immediate remorse for the ignorance displayed not only by the general population and media, but also the lack of regard I held for an issue this major. Amidst all this frustration, I thought perhaps my words could have an impact. That this blog post would help progress society towards a complete transformation. Whilst racking my brain for ideas and words, I forgot where I was. On the border of El Paso and Las Cruces, lies a large community that is almost completely ignored by the county government. In a small corner of this colonia sits a quaint convent, inhabited by a handful of positive and caring nuns. Full of joy and love for the community around them, they spent their afternoon showing students around their home. After showing us their garden, (although small and brown, still drew pride from these women) they shuffled us through two large wooden doors into a small chapel. There in the chapel stood the most impressive, poetic, and powerful words that have ever and will ever speak about issues that plague the border region. I realize I have rambled, but I will close with this. First, my words mean next to nothing, disregard them. Second, don’t write this off (no pun intended) as merely a quiet nun’s prayer. Let it be motivation for reform and justice.

Immigration Reform     K.S.