We Choose Justice

Emotional exhaustion was the word of the day as the group was immersed in  foreign territory. With a tour at International Justice Mission and a poverty simulation, many members sat in awe of the reality of millions. From learning of the different types of slavery to understanding the difficult accessibility the poor had to the resources, we all were faced with a serious problem plaguing millions of individuals. This one day served as a representation of their every day.

Due to the mass amount of options and privileges allotted for those of us in the upper/middle class there remains a great ignorance regarding other individuals’ needs and dependence on multiple services (mean to alleviate those needs) through out the world.  However, with this same privilege that has blinded us for decades, we understand now, we must act. On behalf of those who are privileged we must use our voice to advocate with individuals and exclaim this injustice will not be tolerated.

Awareness of a situation presents yet another opportunity for those with privilege to choose. We are exposed to this injustice and asked what is your response? Will you act? Will you remain indifferent, unchanged, and apathetic? Either decision will cost us nothing, but those abused by the systems all around the world everything. It is during this time of decisions Dietrich Bonheoffer’s statement rings true. “The sins of the respectable people reveals itself in flight from responsibility.”

Today we are called to respond. Through eagerness to learn and understand, we are called to disciplined, strategic actions of justice. We refuse to submit to a cheapened form of charity that consists of self-comforting and short-term solutions. While short-term service is still needed, I believe, our group is committed to advocating for a costly justice. While this may require, much discipline, further research, and time; the impact shall be long lasting. The community will be strong and sustained. All people will be empowered and their value and dignity will remain intact.

Today, I choose to fight for justice.

-Kamrie Reed