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Shattering the Stereotypes of Poverty

What does poverty in America look like? Maybe you thought of a lazy, hungry 40-something year-old homeless man that has a mental handicap and an addiction of some kind. If you did, you’re definitely not alone in your assumption. That was the image that I always pictured when I thought of poverty and I would bet […]

Beyond the Monuments

   Thursday was a doozy. As I lay in my bed, hoping to catch a few hours of sleep, I have to think hard about what 8AM looked like for me and my group here in D.C.  It’s a good feeling though, going to bed physically, emotionally, and even spiritually exhausted. I feel like being […]

We Choose Justice

Emotional exhaustion was the word of the day as the group was immersed in  foreign territory. With a tour at International Justice Mission and a poverty simulation, many members sat in awe of the reality of millions. From learning of the different types of slavery to understanding the difficult accessibility the poor had to the […]

Serving our Community, Educating Ours...

Tuesday morning we served with A Wider Circle, a community organization in Maryland that provides a host of services to low-income clients. At A Wider Circle, individuals can furnish their homes for the first time, adults can update their business wardrobes and skill sets, and families can start on the pathway out of poverty. Our […]

Disruption and the D.C. Way

               The students participating in the Belmont Immersion trip to Washington D.C. are staying with a church called “Church of the Pilgrimage”, which is a seasoned host to many groups doing alternate spring break trips just like us. Several of the programs we attend are set up through the […]