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Day 2, Katreena: Danielle Jones

Mulching went a lot faster the second time around because we joined with some new friends from the University of Florida to prune trees near Elysian Fields in the morning and mulch on Broad Street again in the afternoon. The Florida group had been in New Orleans since Sunday working with other churches during the […]

Day 1: Katreena, by Dr. Danielle Alex...

At 3 PM, with everyone thirsty, tired, windblown, and already sore-muscled from pitchforking what seemed like tons of mulch into buckets and then spreading that mulch around the young holly, magnolia, apple, and sycamore trees that St. Paul’s Homecoming Project has planted in the Neutral Ground of Broad Street in Gentilly, I am standing in […]

Day 1: Katreena, by Danielle Jones

After a long drive yesterday down the state of Alabama and across the bottom of Mississippi to New Orleans, it was a nice change of pace to spend the day outside. Our group worked with the St. Paul’s Homecoming project today, more specifically with their Hike for Hurricane KaTREEna project. The wonderful people in charge […]