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Prisoners of Azka… Alcatraz

Today was a free day of fun and excitement! Our group was split into two as some of us went to Haight-Ashbury and others of us went to Alcatraz. Haight-Ashbury is a series of blocks that is very hippie-esque and includes a plethora of drug-rug hoodies, multi-colored messenger bags, etc. ¬†Alcatraz is the island on […]

The Compost: We Have Moldy Oranges!

When you walk up to the buildings that comprise the East Oakland Boxing Association, everything is very unassuming, albeit colorful. Murals cover the sides of the buildings with character and encouragement… perhaps that should have been the first sign that we were about to walk into someplace special. Here’s some background: the EOBA Program is […]

The Longest Day in the History of San...

At some point or another, in one’s life, one has to stay awake for a ridiculous amount of hours, whether by choice or by… not choice. Somewhere around the 22nd hour of March 3rd, 2012, the team began to wonder, “Is this real life?” The SanFran Immersion team met at Belmont’s loading dock at 4:30 […]