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Day 2, Katreena: Danielle Jones

Mulching went a lot faster the second time around because we joined with some new friends from the University of Florida to prune trees near Elysian Fields in the morning and mulch on Broad Street again in the afternoon. The Florida group had been in New Orleans since Sunday working with other churches during the […]

home sweet home with a tinge of exhau...

We made it back to Belmont around 3 p.m. on Saturday. It was obvious to anyone that we were exhausted from our week of service and learning but some how it still seemed bittersweet to say goodbye and walk to our respective domains on campus. Backtracking….we explored some different organizations and service providers throughout the […]

Johnny Tsunami

Hey, great news! We are alive! For those of you who don’t know, we woke up at 6:00 a.m. to a tsunami warning for San Fran. Luckily, we stayed dry and sunny all day. We have experienced a lot over the past two days. We went to Project Open Hand and helped them prepare food […]

Day 1: Katreena, by Dr. Danielle Alex...

At 3 PM, with everyone thirsty, tired, windblown, and already sore-muscled from pitchforking what seemed like tons of mulch into buckets and then spreading that mulch around the young holly, magnolia, apple, and sycamore trees that St. Paul’s Homecoming Project has planted in the Neutral Ground of Broad Street in Gentilly, I am standing in […]

Day 1: Katreena, by Danielle Jones

After a long drive yesterday down the state of Alabama and across the bottom of Mississippi to New Orleans, it was a nice change of pace to spend the day outside. Our group worked with the St. Paul’s Homecoming project today, more specifically with their Hike for Hurricane KaTREEna project. The wonderful people in charge […]

Adventures in Harlem: Featuring the ...

Day 4 of our “immersion” into New York City. I have to admit, that my expectations that I was not fully aware of were quite different than what occurred  on this trip. Now that the trip is mostly over, the days are almost blurred to me, and it’s valuable to take the time to reflect […]


Morgan and Liz here! Almost halfway through the trip and there is so much to catch you all up on. On Monday we started off our trip at International Justice Mission where we were able to receive a briefing and learn a little bit more about the company. International Justice Mission is dedicated to relieving […]

Lean on Me

We’ve had tons of free time the last few days and have been having a blast. On Monday we went to Chinatown and explored Little Italy. Some members of our group helped out in The Ellis Room- a drop in center for the homeless in the area. We are staying in The Tenderloin district of […]

New York Outreach and Ministry

Something just didn’t feel right. After blocks and blocks of buildings in Manhattan, there was nothing.  No trees, no park, no towering skyscrapers. What we saw Monday afternoon was just a pit; it was Ground Zero. I think I can speak for most of the team that seeing the site of this terrible tragedy was […]

Greetings from DC

We arrived last night to rain…and it didn’t stop. We walked a few miles in it last night. We lost a Metro card before arriving at our accommodations but miraculously recovered it along the sidewalk, soaking wet on our way to dinner. We learned that people in DC don’t eat out on Sundays because open […]