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DC Friday

I’m starting this blog from the Charlotte airport right after waking up from a nap that was forced upon me by an excessive amount of Manchu Wok, so if what I write doesn’t make sense, I blame it on that. I think the fact that I am willing to sleep on an airport floor serves […]


Thursday. In High School, my friends and I liked to call it “pre-Friday” because it made the weekend feel that much closer. Plus, anything with “Friday” in the title just sounds better. However, none of us wanted this Thursday to be any closer to the weekend than it already was. There were still so many fun and […]

Shaky Trains, Sore Feet and Sacred Pl...

Hump Day for the Weary Body, Minds and Souls. Lord, I look at the stars at night, and I wonder why you care about us. I look at the earth, and I wonder why you care about us. I look at the earth, and I wonder why you’ve given us such immense responsibility. You are […]

Day of Tues.

It feels like we’ve been here in D.C. for five very short years. There seems to not be enough time in the day to do everything we want to, but at the same time we do more than I could possibly imagine doing, and by the end of the day, I keep recalling random events […]

Blog Number Roll Tide

Monday!!!!! Good morning from Washington D.C.! Actually, as I write this, it is not the morning. It is not even Monday. I guess that makes me a big, stinking liar – not to be confused with a lyre, which is a medieval stringed instrument. Anyhow, today is Tuesday, but I will be writing about yesterday, […]

Pancakes, Applesauce, and Syrup

We arrived in Washington D.C. yesterday after a long, long, long day of travel. After a much needed night’s sleep, we headed out to our first service project. We were really excited to begin the poverty immersion part of our trip. We worked the breakfast shift at a kitchen run by the organization So Others […]

Update from Chicago!

  It’s amazing how quickly your life can change. One minute, I’m sitting in my dorm room with my Apple TV and my couch right below me, and the next second, I’m squished in a sleeping bag in a room with no lights and pillow cases for window shades. This room is literally 10 by […]