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Everything Happens For A Reason

This week, through all its ups and downs, has definitely been one to remember. This was my first mission trip, so in all reality, I had no idea what I was getting myself into…   I wasn’t even signed up for this trip to begin with! I had originally planned on going to Mobile, Alabama. […]

What about second dinner? (Goodbye, N...

There aren’t really any words I can say about this trip, so once again, each person has told a story or made a comment about this magical, beautiful week. “One of the greatest things I saw in New York was the local population becoming the change they wanted to see. Local volunteers really showed me that these […]

Beyond The Border.

While the majority of the immigrant population on the border suffers from extreme poverty, lack of resources such as food & water, minimal education, and intense discrimination, they continue to hold onto the little bit of hope that remains. At the beginning of the trip, while standing in front of the fence dividing the two […]

Prisoners of Azka… Alcatraz

Today was a free day of fun and excitement! Our group was split into two as some of us went to Haight-Ashbury and others of us went to Alcatraz. Haight-Ashbury is a series of blocks that is very hippie-esque and includes a plethora of drug-rug hoodies, multi-colored messenger bags, etc.  Alcatraz is the island on […]

The Compost: We Have Moldy Oranges!

When you walk up to the buildings that comprise the East Oakland Boxing Association, everything is very unassuming, albeit colorful. Murals cover the sides of the buildings with character and encouragement… perhaps that should have been the first sign that we were about to walk into someplace special. Here’s some background: the EOBA Program is […]

Disabilities Do Not Define You.

Disabilities Do Not Define You This week we have been blessed to work with the L’arche community in Mobile, Alabama. We all came on this trip knowing we would be working with a group of mentally disabled persons (core members) but we had no idea of the impact they would have on our lives. A […]

The Fence and Seeing Gray

There’s a juxtaposition of opposites here. Rich and poor. Young and old. Legal and illegal. Hope and despair. Future and past. Mexico and United States. And at the exact same time, it’s like all the opposites got whipped around in a blender and out came the US/Mexico border. Because no story is completely separate from […]

Welcome to New York! Now walk 8 miles...

Arriving in New York should have been a fairly easy process. Grab a shuttle, go to Brooklyn, meet the people that are hosting us, unpack. However, there were a few little bumps along the way that made it interesting. Upon arrival, we discovered that out booked shuttle only accommodated 11. Naturally, we had 12. We arrived at […]

Chicago Immersion

3/5/13       Sunday April 3rd, 2013 the Chicago Immersion 2013 Team started the long drive up to Chicago. After about ten hours on the rode with a few quick stops to grab a bite to eat or use the restroom, late Sunday night we finally arrived in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. In […]

The Longest Day in the History of San...

At some point or another, in one’s life, one has to stay awake for a ridiculous amount of hours, whether by choice or by… not choice. Somewhere around the 22nd hour of March 3rd, 2012, the team began to wonder, “Is this real life?” The SanFran Immersion team met at Belmont’s loading dock at 4:30 […]