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Shattering the Stereotypes of Poverty

What does poverty in America look like? Maybe you thought of a lazy, hungry 40-something year-old homeless man that has a mental handicap and an addiction of some kind. If you did, you’re definitely not alone in your assumption. That was the image that I always pictured when I thought of poverty and I would bet […]

The Neighbors, the Niños, the Mountai...

Today was packed with new experiences, relationships formed, and questions pondered thereafter. The events involved an informal meeting with El Paso Border Patrol officers, games with children at a daycare known as ‘El Jardín,’ a hike up ‘A’ Mountain, and an open dinner hosted by a church’s bookkeeper. We woke up and rode to the […]

The Big Potato.

That’s what Apopka means, and that’s where we are this week. After one full day in the city, the sights are starting to look familiar, as is the sound of our fearless leader, Sister Ann. We started the morning with breakfasts prepared by our various host families before gathering at the Hope CommUnity Center for […]