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New Perspective!

Coming to New York I kinda had a stereotypical view of the people as being mean and stuck up but that all changed once I really begin to listen. Yes there are definitely those who may n0t be in the best of spirits and then there are those who are amazingly pleasant. Being in NYC […]

Appreciating the Simple Things!!

So sad to leave New York, but it’s been one of the best weeks. Spending my spring break serving and getting to know the people of New York has been inspiring to say the least. The things they taught me were a reality check and a motivation to live life more simply. The rate of […]

What about second dinner? (Goodbye, N...

There aren’t really any words I can say about this trip, so once again, each person has told a story or made a comment about this magical, beautiful week. “One of the greatest things I saw in New York was the local population becoming the change they wanted to see. Local volunteers really showed me that these […]

Welcome to New York! Now walk 8 miles...

Arriving in New York should have been a fairly easy process. Grab a shuttle, go to Brooklyn, meet the people that are hosting us, unpack. However, there were a few little bumps along the way that made it interesting. Upon arrival, we discovered that out booked shuttle only accommodated 11. Naturally, we had 12. We arrived at […]