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The Border of Tears

Thursday March 6, 2014 Today was the mortar and the rest of the week was the brick. Our eyes have been opened to the injustices that occur daily along the metal barrier of our nations border but we lacked the experiences to build a structure of reason. The four experiences today solidified this web of […]

A Bold Cry in a Simple Place

While listening to all that occurred today here on immersion.border, I was constantly drafting what frustrations I would voice in this post. I would issue a passionate battle cry to aid those less fortunate than us, demand that the government immediately change the issues at hand regarding immigration, and try to solve numerous other complex […]

Who is being kept in and who is being...

We started our Monday morning early. Sarah, our Border Service Corps leader for the day, drove us to Kelly Memorial Food Pantry. This particular non-profit organization provides supplemental food to families and individuals whose income does not go far enough to buy all the groceries they need to feed their families or themselves. The Kelly […]

The Neighbors, the Niños, the Mountai...

Today was packed with new experiences, relationships formed, and questions pondered thereafter. The events involved an informal meeting with El Paso Border Patrol officers, games with children at a daycare known as ‘El Jardín,’ a hike up ‘A’ Mountain, and an open dinner hosted by a church’s bookkeeper. We woke up and rode to the […]

Take a Hike

Today Team Border enjoyed a fun-filled 4 mile hike to the top of A mountain on a warm and sunny New Mexico day.


I’d like your help casting a terrible Hollywood blockbuster I just wrote. Here’s the pitch. We open on a chain-link fence with countless governmental signs warning of lethal consequences. In the background we see a nuclear power facility. A light from the top of the tower sweeps across the camera as three shadowy figures hurriedly […]

Beyond The Border.

While the majority of the immigrant population on the border suffers from extreme poverty, lack of resources such as food & water, minimal education, and intense discrimination, they continue to hold onto the little bit of hope that remains. At the beginning of the trip, while standing in front of the fence dividing the two […]

The Fence and Seeing Gray

There’s a juxtaposition of opposites here. Rich and poor. Young and old. Legal and illegal. Hope and despair. Future and past. Mexico and United States. And at the exact same time, it’s like all the opposites got whipped around in a blender and out came the US/Mexico border. Because no story is completely separate from […]