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Immersing ourselves into the wilderness of Cumberland Island, Georgia, the Creation team gained new skills and insight into the creation of community and what it means to experience the natural world as God intended it. This trip differed from the other immersion trips in the sense that we did not go into a broken community […]

Shattering the Stereotypes of Poverty

What does poverty in America look like? Maybe you thought of a lazy, hungry 40-something year-old homeless man that has a mental handicap and an addiction of some kind. If you did, you’re definitely not alone in your assumption. That was the image that I always pictured when I thought of poverty and I would bet […]

Armadillos in the Rain

After a long, exhausting, little bit rainy week on Cumberland Island, the Immersion.Creation team has made it safely back to Nashville! We shared some amazing experiences at our humble camp this week. We bonded and built a community, all the while appreciating the beauty of the natural world surrounding us. This island was nearly lost […]

New Perspective!

Coming to New York I kinda had a stereotypical view of the people as being mean and stuck up but that all changed once I really begin to listen. Yes there are definitely those who may n0t be in the best of spirits and then there are those who are amazingly pleasant. Being in NYC […]

Appreciating the Simple Things!!

So sad to leave New York, but it’s been one of the best weeks. Spending my spring break serving and getting to know the people of New York has been inspiring to say the least. The things they taught me were a reality check and a motivation to live life more simply. The rate of […]

The Border of Tears

Thursday March 6, 2014 Today was the mortar and the rest of the week was the brick. Our eyes have been opened to the injustices that occur daily along the metal barrier of our nations border but we lacked the experiences to build a structure of reason. The four experiences today solidified this web of […]

Beyond the Monuments

   Thursday was a doozy. As I lay in my bed, hoping to catch a few hours of sleep, I have to think hard about what 8AM looked like for me and my group here in D.C.  It’s a good feeling though, going to bed physically, emotionally, and even spiritually exhausted. I feel like being […]

A Bold Cry in a Simple Place

While listening to all that occurred today here on immersion.border, I was constantly drafting what frustrations I would voice in this post. I would issue a passionate battle cry to aid those less fortunate than us, demand that the government immediately change the issues at hand regarding immigration, and try to solve numerous other complex […]

Who is being kept in and who is being...

We started our Monday morning early. Sarah, our Border Service Corps leader for the day, drove us to Kelly Memorial Food Pantry. This particular non-profit organization provides supplemental food to families and individuals whose income does not go far enough to buy all the groceries they need to feed their families or themselves. The Kelly […]

We Choose Justice

Emotional exhaustion was the word of the day as the group was immersed in  foreign territory. With a tour at International Justice Mission and a poverty simulation, many members sat in awe of the reality of millions. From learning of the different types of slavery to understanding the difficult accessibility the poor had to the […]