Month: June 2017

Podcast: Commanded to Love

This podcast features some reflections from the Old Testament calling people of faith of to be proactive and intentional about loving their neighbors. Play in new window | Download

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The Treasure Within

Dr. Jon R. Roebuck, Exec. Director A few days ago, this painting sold at auction to a Japanese businessman for $110.5 million dollars.  It is by the American artist, Jean-Michael Basquiat who died at the age of 28 back in 1998.  He painted this work when he was 21 years-old.  The auction price was historic in …

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The Hard Work of Being Christ-Like

Dr. Jon R. Roebuck, Exec. Director If someone once told you that becoming a Christian would lead to an easy life, they lied.  To be sure, the access point of faith is simple… it takes belief and trust.  And then you begin to live the life.  That’s where things start to become a little more …

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