Month: January 2017

Identity Theft

Dr. Jon R. Roebuck, Exec Director It happened again.  I got a letter this week from a company informing me that my personal data had been compromised.  This time the company involved is a medical company that connects the dots between a medical provider who provides joint injections for knees, shoulders, etc., with the insurance …

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The World Comes to Us

Dr. Jon R Roebuck, Executive Director I live in one of the fasting growing cities in America.  By September of this year, Nashville, Tennessee will top the 1.9 million resident mark.  In fact, each day, the population of Nashville increases by 82 residents.  That’s 574 each week or roughly 2500 each month.  Such stats might …

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Erasing Christmas

Dr. Jon R. Roebuck, Executive Director It’s always a bit jarring that as soon as December 25th passes, we very quickly attempt to erase Christmas in a number of ways.  First, we attempt to erase Christmas from our homes which have been so beautifully decorated for the season.  Ornaments are placed back in their boxes, …

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