Image of Coach Cameron Newbauer
Coach Cameron Newbauer

On this week’s episode, Dr. Roebuck talks to Coach Cameron Newbauer. They discuss Coach Newbauer’s family and his time as the head coach of Belmont University’s Women’s Basketball Team.

Image of Communication Specialist Hope Buckner
Communications Specialist Hope Buckner

Dr. Roebuck talks this week to Communications Specialist Hope Buckner. Dr. Roebuck and Hope talk about Hope’s time at Belmont as a student, employee and current grad student.

Rembrandt's Return of the Prodigal Son
Image: Wikipedia

On this week’s episode, Dr. Roebuck talks about his favorite passage of scripture about the prodigal son.

image of dr. frank lewis addressing an audience
Image: Dr. Frank Lewis courtesy of Nashville First Baptist Church

On this week’s podcast, Dr. Roebuck sits down with Senior Pastor of Nashville First Baptist Church Dr. Frank Lewis. In the continuing series of conversations about leadership, Dr. Lewis addresses the topic from the angle of a faith leader.

Image of Dr. Jason Rogers greeting people at an event.
Dr. Jason Rogers

Dr. Roebuck continues his leadership series with a discussion today with Dr. Jason Rogers. Dr. Rogers is the Vice President for Administration and University Counsel and has been with Belmont since 1998. Doctors Rogers and Roebuck talk about all of the roles that leaders play on a day-to-day basis.

Dr. Susan West

Dr. Jon Roebuck talks to Belmont University Vice President and Chief of Staff Dr. Susan West. Doctors West and Roebuck discuss what makes leaders tick and Dr. West’s journey to where she is today.

University Minister Heather Daugherty

Dr. Jon Roebuck welcomes Belmont University Minister Heather Daugherty to the podcast. Jon and Heather talk about the roles of leaders and what makes an effective leader.

What causes us to drift? Are there things that you used to enjoy and get excited about but now they don’t your energy up anymore? In this episode, Dr. Roebuck talks about drifting.

The Christmas Spirit

Dr. Jon Roebuck tells an original story called, “Sneaky Grace”. This story tells the tale of Samuel, a carpenter, who went from master craftsman to a beggar. Listen to Samuel’s story below.

Fall colors at Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn. November 7, 2016.

God’s Plan

Sometimes it’s hard to wait for what God has planned for our lives, but there is a plan. So, how do we live in that meantime as we wait? How can we live effectively but also efficiently in the meantime?

Statue of Liberty


There’s been a lot of coverage in the news recently about our current political climate. How do we balance our faith and politics and give thanks for all that we have and enjoy? Do we have our priorities straight? Dr. Jon Roebuck talks about being thankful for all that we have in America and making sure we have those things in the right order.



Dr. Jon Roebuck revisits the topic of neighbors and the issue of time. Do we really mean it when we say someday we’ll have more time? Are we just too busy to be attentive to our neighbor? What can you eliminate to make time to be a good neighbor?

Dr. George Mason image
Dr. George Mason

A Discussion with Dr. George Mason

Dr. Jon Roebuck welcomes Senior Pastor Dr. George Mason of the Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Mason is a graduate of the University of Miami and of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. The doctors talk about the intersection of church and culture and how those similarities and differences are handled within the church.

The Art of Neighboring

Have we lost the art of neighboring? Have we lost the art of being connected? Maybe we’re ignoring Christ’s commandment to be a better neighbor. We’ll talk about this in our very first podcast.