I’m. Almost. A. Senior.

That’s probably one of the weirdest sentences I’ve ever written. I know it gets said all the time, but I feel like I just started school yesterday. I remember Freshman year and everything since like it was yesterday, and it’s hard to believe that this time next year I’ll be graduating. Belmont has given me an amazing home over the past years, and I’m really looking forward to this last one and giving it everything I have. These three years have flown by, and I’ve loved everything about them.


As far as Summer plans, I’m in the process of looking at internships both here in Nashville and back home in Alabama. I’m excited for the opportunities that they provide and the experience they can give me, and I’m looking forward to whoever I get to work with. My advisor and professors have been great about sending me internship opportunities when they pop up so I’m just trying to capitalize on those opportunities. Where ever I end up, I know that I’ll be happy and enjoying the work no matter what.


This year has been a great learning experience and I’ve had a lot of fun here at Belmont. Inside and outside of the classroom, I’ve enjoyed every second of these past two semesters. I’ve gotten into a lot more technical, major specific courses and also have been able to take courses I find interesting, so I’ve just liked the things I’ve learned in my classes. I also became the Event Coordinator for Bruin Recruiters this year. That has been stressful at times, but it’s also super rewarding and fun to work with the team we have. All of our events are done for this semester, but we’re already planning for next semester, so get ready for some amazing events coming up the rest of this year. Enjoy the rest of your semester; I know I will. As always, we hope to see you soon, and let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Welcome Back

Chapel WAC

Well, after a great, but too short summer, we’re all back here at Belmont. I’ll tell you what, if my summer was going to get interrupted by anything, I wouldn’t rather have it be anything other than Belmont. This place is barely the same campus it was when I left back in April. There’s a new res hall, Two Oaks, which is half suite style, half apartment style, and is just as great as all the other halls on campus. The nicest addition since I’ve been gone is the Wedgewood Academic Center that was finished up over the summer. Not only is it five floors of new classes and offices for students and teachers alike, but it also houses our brand new chapel, which is honestly one of the most beautiful rooms we have on campus. I was in there Friday for the first chapel of the year and was blown away by the space it offered as well as the atmosphere the room has. In my honest opinion, that building is the greatest addition we’ve had to campus in the past year. Even with these two new buildings, there’s still more on the way in the next few years. I just hope I’ll be lucky enough to experience them in the time I have left at school.


That being said, my Junior year is off to a great start so far. I’m living in one of the on campus apartments and loving every second of having my own kitchen and bedroom. My roommate is one of my best friends, so that’s another great thing. My classes seem great so far, and I’m very excited about that. I’m finally taking a lot of the business classes I’ve been wanting to take, so I’m excited to see where these take me this semester.


I’ve officially hit the half way mark for my schooling (that is if I don’t decide to get my MBA), and that’s a weird thought to me. In just two short years, I’ll be leaving this beautiful place I’ve been lucky enough to call home and set out into the world with more than enough experience and knowledge to excel in whatever venture life takes me on. But that’s the future. For now, I’m gonna enjoy the time I have here and make the absolute most of it and continue to tell you all about it as I go.

Last Day of Classes

It’s finally (almost) here. Summer is close, and even though I have absolutely no plans, I’m excited to have the break. Don’t get me wrong, I love Belmont and all my time up here, but who doesn’t want time off from school? It’s so strange to think that next year I’ll be a Junior, the grade my RA and one of my best friends was when I came into school. I’m almost halfway through my college career, and it feels like just yesterday I graduated high school. That’s a weird feeling.

BUT, before all of that, I have to get through exams, which aren’t looking too pleasant. Some classes will be easier than others, but some of them have the difficulty of two exams, so that’s pleasant. Oh well. I’ve done this three other times, so I’ll live.


In other news, Easter was pretty great. I got to spend the first half of the break with my girlfriend back in Huntsville. We worked out a bunch and got new tires for her Jeep out in the middle of nowhere, but they were such a great deal we would have gone practically anywhere for them. On Saturday, I headed back to Nashville with my parents to celebrate Easter with my Aunt, Uncle, cousins, parents, and brother who came down from Kentucky. It was a lot of fun to spend the weekend with the family. In just over a week, I’ll get to spend as much time with them as I want, as well as my girlfriend, so needless to say, next Tuesday couldn’t come quicker.


Belmont’s been great to me this year, and I look forward to my next year here!

Registration Week

This can be very stressful for some people. Seniors register first, followed by Juniors, so on and so forth. Since I’m a Sophomore, I registered yesterday with the rest of my class. Even though our internet on campus is exceptional, I don’t trust it on registration day. Since my second semester of Freshman year, my friend and I have gone to a McDonald’s on West End and registered there using their free wi-fi, which when I write out, sounds like it would be much worse then Belmont’s internet, but tradition is tradition. This semester, my registration went off flawlessly, which is relatively new to me, by no fault of Belmont. I’ve tried to use a HotKey so I could press 2 buttons and register for all my classes, but I’ve messed it up for two semesters in a row. This semester was different. I knew what I had done wrong in the past with my HotKey, so I got that working, and when 7 o’clock hit yesterday morning, I hit the buttons I needed to and was registered for all the classes I wanted in less than a few minutes. Like I said, it’s been rough in the past, but I rocked it this time.


Not only did I register for classes this week, but it was also housing registration this week. My roommate and I decided to live together again next year in one of the apartments on campus. Last night, my registration window opened up and I had just as much ease registering for that as I did for my classes. Needless to say, I’m excited for my Junior year here at Belmont.


Pembroke Night Live, a sketch comedy show along the same lines of Saturday Night Live, is happening tonight right in front of Pembroke on the North Lawn. This is the first year they’ve done this program, so I’m excited to see what the Pembros of this year can pull off. Hopefully this program can be a long running tradition, like Pembroke’s Haunted House and their Master’s Tournament every year.


Another Great Preview Day!


Saturday was Preview Day, and it was one of largest ones we’ve ever had. We had over 1000 guests attend, and it was honestly one of the best Preview Days I’ve ever been a part of. I was an arena usher in the morning,  which I have never done before, so you might have seen me running the microphones to whoever in the crowd had something to say to the hosts on stage. It was a lot of fun to see all the people in the crowd and interact them in a way that I hadn’t gotten to before. Then, I went to the College of Business Administration academic session, which is always entertaining. I love talking to all the potential students about my love for my major and why I think it’s a good one to choose. From there, I worked in the Residence Halls, specifically Pembroke, my old hall. It’s always refreshing to walk around the old dorm and tell people visitors about my experiences there. All in all, Preview Day was great, and I’m excited for all of our future Preview Days as well.


In a little under two weeks, we have our only Be Belmont Day of the year. It’s a a day where all admitted students can come and get a good look at Belmont and all its academics and programs it has to offer before they make their final college decisions. The students get to come and see why it is we love being Bruins and what makes us such a great community. I ended up choosing Belmont after a Be Belmont Day (or what used to be called Academic Options Day), so I enjoy this day a lot because it’s what what helped me make my final decision on college.


Another thing going on on campus is Student Government elections. I have a really good friend running for President right now, and her and her running mate Vice President are using the Justin Timberlake “20/20 Experience” as their marketing tool, labeling themselves as the “2014 Experience”. They even did a parody of “Suit and Tie” by Justin that is funny and sure to earn them a few more votes. Who doesn’t love a good JT parody?


This past weekend was busy, and it’s bound to only get busier as we approach the end of the year, so here’s to the home stretch.

It’s Almost Spring, and It’s 40 Degrees Out

So, last week was Spring Break, and even though I didn’t go to the beach or mountains or anything like that, I still really enjoyed it. I went back home and hung out with my girlfriend and my family. It was nice to just sit back and relax after a stressful week before break.


Fun fact about me: I enjoy working out. It started innocently enough with Globo Gym workouts throughout high school and my Freshman year of college, but eventually, my girlfriend and I got introduced to CrossFit. There are a lot of opinions out there about CrossFit and some people have very strong feelings for it or against it, but I’m not here to change your mind or debate my opinion. I say all this to say that over the past two weeks and for the next three weeks, there’s a worldwide competition called the CrossFit Games Open. It’s a competition that any person can compete in, and that over 100,000 people are registered for. There are workouts announced every week for five weeks, and you have four days to complete them to the best of your ability and submit your score. The top 48 in the different regions of the country and world after the Open move on to the Regionals, where the top three from that move on to the Super Bowl of CrossFit, the CrossFit Games.


Now, I have no hope of making it past the Open, or even placing in anywhere near the top in my region, but it’s still some of the most fun I’ve ever had working out. The atmosphere is competitive, yet encouraging as everyone wants you to do to the best you can. People always amaze themselves with what they can accomplish during the Open. As someone who’s only been doing CrossFit for a little over half a year, the Open is just a fun test to see how far I can push myself and see how far I’ve come since the beginning, but also give myself a goal for the upcoming months and years. The first two weeks have gone great, so I can’t wait to see how the next few go. Good luck to anyone out there who is doing it as well, and remember to have some fun with it!

World Records and Subs


I have literally done nothing interesting over the past week ’cause of the tests and projects I’ve had to do. This past weekend was pretty solid, though. Saturday, I attempted to break Guinness World Record. Well…maybe not just me. At the girl’s basketball game on Saturday, the crowd tried to break the record for unwrapping the most pieces of candy at one time. Riveting, right? Who’s going to say no to free candy and sports? Not this guy. We didn’t break the record, in fact we missed it by about 350 people, but that’s okay. We move on.

I also had my first Jersey Mike’s sub. I’ve heard rumors of them, but had never experienced it first hand. I’m glad that I can say that I have now. Those guys make a good sub, no doubt about it. If you haven’t had one, you’ll probably live since I went without one for 20 years, but you should definitely give it a shot. That’s my consensus on Goo Goo Clusters as well, which was the candy we opened at the game, but once again, free candy.

Week after this will be Spring Break, so like any normal student, I’m excited. Where am I going? Correct answer is back home. It’s been a while since I’ve seen my girlfriend and family, so I’m very ready to see them. Belmont will be waiting for me when I get back, and I’ll be happy to be back. As for now, have fun on your break if you are on one, or enjoy your classes if your still in school.

Homecoming Week

If you think Homecoming is just a dance where you get to be promiscuous with your lady/man friend, then you might be in for a shock when you get to college. Here at Belmont, there’s no dance or football game, but instead there’s a week of going ons for you to get involved in. This Saturday, we have a tailgate followed by our Homecoming game where we play Austin Peay and where our Homecoming King and Queen get announced. Bruin Recruiters, the group I’m involved with and that you see on preview days with red shirts on, have three people nominated for either King or Queen, so chances are high that we’ll have royalty among us by next week. There’s also a bonfire and a car smashing, and who doesn’t love fire and smashing things with a hammer?

On top of all that, we also have a Bruin Recruiter retreat this weekend to train the newbies and get ready to see all your faces in March when you come to Preview Day or Be Belmont Day. You’re coming, right? Right? Good. That’s what I wanted to hear. To keep you occupied until the next post and to get you aboard the hype train for Saturday’s game, here’s a gif of Belmont’s final score on North Carolina a few months back. Enjoy yourselves.



BONUS: Here’s how I used to dance at Homecoming (and this is usually how my girlfriend reacted).


Brace Yourself, Winter is Here

Well, it may be the Spring semester, but some days it really doesn’t feel that way. Our first day back was a whopping 1 degree with a negative wind chill. I’m from Alabama, so this weather is not normal for me at all, but I survived. But of course, this is the South, so of course the next day is was a nice 40 degrees and sunny. Everyday is a surprise in Tennessee! But really, despite the cold, this semester has been great so far. It’s a little tough to get back in the swing of things, but it’ll all come with time. Bruin Recruiters is on a little bit of a lull right now, so there’s not a lot to do with that at the moment, but that will be back full force in no time. Hope to see all of you at the next Preview Day.

In non-Belmont related news, I went to a Preds game on Sunday. It wasn’t my first or anything, but they’re always a good time. It was a little disappointing though. I wanted to go to a fight and a hockey game break out, but it was the opposite on Sunday. Preds lost 4-0 in the end, but my friends and I had a great time.

Lastly, it may only be January, but March is coming up fast, which means that March Madness is close. We always hope our Bruins make it, and they have the last two years, so here’s to hoping for a threepeat.

I don’t have a New Year’s Resolution, because I’m great. There’s nothing to change. Keep on keepin’ on with yours though.

We’re Playing Basketball


While Belmont may not have a football team, we make up for that every year by having an amazing basketball team. You may have noticed that we consistently get to the NCAA March Madness Tournament and have a winning season. These make the basketball games so much fun to go to. Last week, we had our home opener against Indiana State, where we managed to hold Indiana State in the last few seconds of the game in order to come out on top. Not only was this game a nail biter, but it was also First on the Floor, where all the Freshman get to come out on the court at the start of the game and the most spirited group wins the spirit award. It’s really cool experience for these first year students, and bring some extra energy to the game right before it starts.

If we’re talking about Belmont basketball, I’m sure a lot of you have seen the Belmont fan “sing” Wrecking Ball during the University of North Carolina vs Belmont game. If not, you can always watch it here, http://tinyurl.com/pw47k93. I don’t know how much that actually helped, but Belmont came out victorious again in that game, beating the number 12 Tar Heals 83-80.

Last night was also Battle of the Boulveard, where we play our biggest rivals, Lipscomb University. At the end of the first half, we had a solid lead on Lipscomb, and that only continued to grow as we finished the game with a win by over 30 points. No Wrecking Ball this time, but we still got the W.

As the year goes on, we’ll have more and more games, and maybe even news stories, so make sure to keep an eye out for Belmont this year!


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