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Why ask the big questions?

I don’t know whose idea was it to link together the two most boring subjects on Earth, Philosophy and Biology, together. Whoever it was, they deserve an A for effort, if they were trying to create a class that would keep me up all night, that is.


I know Philosophy is suppose to make you ask yourself the big questions; but, it takes me awhile just to decide between Wendy’s and McDonald’s, so I don’t think one semester is going to get me to the place where I’m figuring out why I’m here. That’s okay by me because I am pretty comfortable with my unexamined life, despite what Socrates had to say on the subject. After all, Socrates didn’t have all that much else to do – no iPhone, no computer, no television, and so on.

And, then there is Biology. Philosophy asked why we are here and Biology kind of gives me you the mechanics of how we are here. I wish I was more interested in all of that, I really do. Maybe it makes me shallow to say that I believe in the miracle of life and I don’t think it can be explained through a textbook. But, maybe that’s just my B- talking…

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