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Home Sweet Home

Posted by Casey

This semester has been so stressful I could not wait to get home for Thanksgiving. I spent the holiday with my parents, brother and both sets of grandparents. It was so nice to be surrounded by my loving family and eat a good home-cooked meal. It had been almost two months since I was home in Atlanta last (this is a long time for me) so I can not tell you how thrilled I was to be back in the comfort of MY own home in MY own bed with MY dog. J I helped my mom cook this year and we added a new item to the menu…”pumpkin pecan pie bars” they were incredible! Although it was sad to leave my family I have peace knowing that I only have to make it through the next two weeks until winter break!! Also, my fridge is packed full of Thanksgiving leftovers which just makes life that much better. 


What College Really Is

Posted by Temp

Honestly, with everything that has been going on lately, I get pretty excited just to brush my hair. I mean, college is fun and everything, but don't believe that everything you see on television about it is 100% true.  Sure, there are parties, crazy all-nighters, and professors that might put you to sleep at times, but there is plenty more to college than what meets the eye . . .

First of all, to my knowledge, no professor is just going to point and laugh at you until you walk out of class if you don't get the answer right. If that were the case, I assure you that my college career would have been over by this time last year.

Secondly, you will make lots of friends, but don't believe that it's like how you made friends in high school. In high school, you made friends that shared many of the same interests and beliefs that you had; however, in college, you quickly realize the people that are the most different than you expand your worldview - which is refreshing!

Lastly, I believe the transition from high school to college is like where you go from learning to fly to learning to soar in the sky with confidence and reassurance. As a sophomore now, I began to notice that these little things that Mom and Dad were always helping me with can be done on my own and I can truly appreciate everything and everyone that has been part of my life in some way. When you take all this into your mind and let it brood on it some, work, parties, and friends aside, you slowly recognize what college really is - and that's whatever you want it to be.


Baja Burrito

Posted by Casey

After eating at the caf 2-3 times a day for weeks on end it can get a little old. I try to go out and eat at least once a week to mix things up a little bit, but being a college student I have to make sure to keep things on the cheaper side. I recently discovered Baja Burrito and I am in love. Every time I go I run into at least one Belmont friend, there are so many college students there all the time. It is cheap and GREAT food. I must admit that I have not really branched out as far as the menu goes because the fish tacos are so good I never want to order anything else. Baja Burrito is conveniently located right next too the 100 Oaks shopping center so after you eat some delicious Mexican food you can shop or catch a movie! It is a great place to go with friends and it will not break your already suffering bank account! 


Camping in the Great Outdoors.

Posted by Miles

My brother has been nagging me for several months about taking a weekend to go backpacking.  We finally set a date earlier this semester, and then last weekend we made it happen.  I don't have any classes on Fridays this semester, and I got some people to cover my Sunday work shifts.  Thursday night, I left Nashville, headed for the hills, not to return until Sunday afternoon.  Another friend of ours ended up coming with us, so the three of us made a mini-vacation out of the weekend.

This is me, sipping some campfire-percolated coffee. Good stuff.

Land Between the Lakes is a National Recreation Area that straddles the boarder between Tennessee and Kentucky, about 2 hours from Nashville.  It's huge, and it's beautiful.  If only it were a little bit closer...

Once we got to the trailhead, with a few miles between us and the campsite, we strapped on our packs and started hiking.  It was great--they would agree--to be able to get out of the city and enjoy nature and some exercise.  The sun was making its decent as we got to the campsite, so we quickly threw up the tent and went to work on building a fire.

The rest of the weekend is a blur of relaxation, hiking, and surprisingly good food, for being carried in and cooked over a campfire.  It's amazing what a little bit of exercise, fresh air, and even sleeping on the ground can do.  I'm back in Nashville now, and I'm noticeably more relaxed and energetic. I need it, because the semester is almost over: finals start 4 weeks from tomorrow.  It'll be over before I know it.


Why ask the big questions?

Posted by Temp

I don’t know whose idea was it to link together the two most boring subjects on Earth, Philosophy and Biology, together. Whoever it was, they deserve an A for effort, if they were trying to create a class that would keep me up all night, that is.


I know Philosophy is suppose to make you ask yourself the big questions; but, it takes me awhile just to decide between Wendy’s and McDonald’s, so I don’t think one semester is going to get me to the place where I’m figuring out why I’m here. That’s okay by me because I am pretty comfortable with my unexamined life, despite what Socrates had to say on the subject. After all, Socrates didn’t have all that much else to do – no iPhone, no computer, no television, and so on.

And, then there is Biology. Philosophy asked why we are here and Biology kind of gives me you the mechanics of how we are here. I wish I was more interested in all of that, I really do. Maybe it makes me shallow to say that I believe in the miracle of life and I don’t think it can be explained through a textbook. But, maybe that’s just my B- talking…

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