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Sweet Fall

Posted by Casey

I absolutely love this time of year! The leaves are finally turning that golden color and, best of all, the pumpkin patches are back!!!! My roommate and I went to several this weekend and had a blast. The best ones have the little rabbit petting zoos and we successfully located a few. Unfortunately, a dorm is not the most favorable environment for pumpkin carving and keeping, so Melissa and I had to settle on a bunch of little colorful pumpkins and gourds for decoration. They were super cheap and made the room much more fall looking! After visiting the pumpkin patch we made a necessary stop at Starbucks to get my favorite thing on the menu…. PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES!

I have missed them all year long and could not be more thrilled that they have come back into my life. It was a great weekend but now I am a little bit sick of pumpkins.  :)



Blue People and Black Coffee

Posted by Miles

Well, we're back from fall break and back to work.  I've already had a lot to do, even since last week.  But this weekend was another welcome reprieve from a packed schedule.  On Saturday night, after spending the day relaxing--I even made myself pancakes for breakfast!--I went to see the Smurfs movie with a group of friends.


We made the short drive to Antioch (about 10 miles) to go to the movies. There's a theater there that sells all its tickets for $1.50, so on a college-student budget, it makes a lot of sense.  Like I said, we went to see the Smurfs movie.  Not your award-winning film, by any means, but I felt like I got my money's worth.  It was one of those where you spend half the time laughing at some decent comedy and the other half laughing at the horribly cliche emotional moments.  Regardless, the 18 or so of us that went enjoyed ourselves.  We also happened to be the only people in the theater that weren't under 12 or the parents of those under 12.  I'm okay with that.

After the movie we went to a Steak and Shake that's pretty close to the theater, and we enjoyed some milkshakes as we talked.  There were some people that went who I hadn't seen or talked to in a few weeks, so it was great to get to catch up on what's going on in their lives.  It seems like sometimes we get so caught up in school and work that we forget that there are wonderful people all around us, just waiting to be known.  That's why my calendar, this week, has "coffee with ____" twice already.  I can't wait.


Watashi-wa Temp desu.

Posted by Temp

So, for those of you who are unaware, I am taking Elementary Japanese this year and the title of my blog is "My name is Temp." I'll admit it - I'm really proud of the fact that I'm actually learning Japanese. I mean, despite the fact it takes up a majority of my studying time and sometimes I lay in my bed wondering if I'm in over my head, I do love and appreciate every moment of it.

My sensei, Chiaki Shima, is probably the coolest woman I've ever met. Not only does she bring us snacks to class, but she is just an all-around fun person to be around. Honestly, our classroom is more like a game show than an actual class. With that being said, there are times when you feel like a complete moron; however, Chiaki-sensei is always there to cheer us up with never-ending laughter and encouragement to get us through to the next seemingly impossible chapter.


Life in the Library

Posted by Casey

Last weeks midterms had me stressed so I found myself spending enormous amounts of time in the lovely Lila D. Bunch library. It is amazing how much more work I can get done when I am not in my bed in my dorm! I found myself a quite little corner and got to work. Thanks to the new addition to the library, Bruin Grounds, I was able to stay fueled during my lengthy stays at the library. They have several different kinds of coffee, muffins, scones, really great sandwiches, and salads. I have had the opportunity to try most of the items on the menu and they are all awesome! After several days of living in the library (and spending a good amount of bruin bucks on food) I finished my tests and lived to tell the tale. I was rewarded with a wonderful fall break filled with family and friends. I am forever grateful to the library and Bruin Grounds for helping me survive midterms. All I have to say is bring it on finals! 


Fall is coming fast.

Posted by Miles

I can't believe we are already at the midpoint of the semester.  Last week, as professors were gearing up for midterms, I couldn't help but think, "already?"  It may be a bit cliche, but I feel like we just got started.  Nonetheless, we're halfway through, and that means midterms.  I had an exam in my Audio Engineering 2 class this morning.  I have a practical exam for the same class tomorrow.  My Sound Reinforcement class has an exam on Thursday.  But then!  There is light at the end of the tunnel!  Fall break will shortly be upon us.

While I'd love to say that I'm taking the long weekend to fly to New York to see friends, that's not the case.  A handful of friends are taking long trips to faraway places, but most of us are planning on staying put.  It's probably better, though: this way I'll get to spend some time with friends here in Nashville and catch up on sleep and apartment cleaning.  I might even read the rest of the book I started a few weeks ago but have yet to finish.  I live close to Nashville, so I'll probably take Friday and Saturday as an opportunity to drive up and see my family.  And to pick up my shiny new iPhone.  But my family is obviously the biggest reason I'll be headed home, right?  :)

It's starting to get a little chilly here in Nashville, which is always welcome by me: it means the leaves will soon be changing colors, hot coffee will be more bearable, and Thanksgiving will be here before we know it.  This semester is going by crazy fast, but, as a good friend told me a few hours ago, "There's always time for hanging out with friends.  When it seems like there's not, make it."  That's good advice: I think I'll take it.

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