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Old Faithful

Posted by Eric

Well, it is Tuesday afternoon and I am currently at work in the listening/viewing section of the library. I love this job because I get to see all of my music friends and I have time to do my homework. I was really tired today, I found myself barely able to keep myself awake in Ancient Music History. In class we got our tests back from last week, I did not think that I had done well. Sure enough I managed to pull off a B+ and was pretty content with the grade. However, I am trying to get a 4.0 this semester so I need to start stepping up the game.

My 8:00 class is woodwind methods II, where we learn how to play flute, oboe, and bassoon. Well, the class had just gotten done learning how to play flute, so now it was time for the either oboe or bassoon. Unforunately, I got to class late this morning and therefore was given the oldest bassoon the school has. When I opened the case, all I could smell was that moldly smell that anyone who has used an older instrument would know. I ending up embracing the fact that I had the worst bassoon and ended up nicknaming her "Old Faithful" even though I have no clue how she plays yet. It will be very interesting learning how to play bassoon.

Other then that, I had a really successful piano and saxophone lesson today. I was able to get lunch with my girlfriend today which was nice because most of the time I am in class. Overall today was a great day.

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