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But, it’s a FAMILY weekend~

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My first semester at Belmont I suffered from a mild case of home sickness. I mean, it was nothing SERIOUS, nothing unexpected, but  I found myself driving home to Montgomery - a four and a half hour trip - several times in the course of the five month period. The need for my Dad's home cooking and Mom's "need to buy me things" was just too strong.

However, this semester I got a tad bit more crafty.   While not really homesick anymore, I still occasionally long for the comforts of home. However, after thinking about it carefully, I realized it wasn't really home I was missing; but, the people at home. Why drive four and a half hours (back and forth, I might add) when I can sit back and have home come to me? That's when I came up with what I thought was a brilliant plan - BELMONT FAMILY WEEKEND!

So, I called my Mom and Dad and told them that Belmont was having a family weekend the second weekend of February. Naturally, they made plans to attend. The problems arose when my mom (always the attorney) started asking questions. What events were scheduled - would they be meeting my professors, my friend's get the idea! Needless to say, she was asking questions that I simply could not answer.  I was caught with my hands red! Thankfully, they were kind of flattered that I would have gone to the trouble to deceive them to get them up here so now I'm looking forward to eating good at some of the wonderful restaurants Nashville has to offer (Spinach Con Queso at J. Alexanders, to be specific~!)and spending quality time with those who adore me so. Hmmm, now I've just got to figure out when to schedule Grandparent's Weekend.. 😉

The song I'm posting is called "Ghost Town" by First Aid Kit. It's a great little melody with some of the prettiest lyrics I've heard in awhile. I do hope you take the time to relax and listen to it~ Ghost Town

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