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What else could I ask for?

Posted by Miles

The past week has been great.  One of my favorite little-known bands, the Civil Wars, released an LP, and it hit #1 on the iTunes album charts the same day.  It is still #1, six days later.  The album has been playing on repeat since I bought it; it doesn't look like I'm hitting stop any time soon.  But it doesn't seem like anyone else is getting tired of it either.  Sara Bareilles even commended them via Twitter, calling their new album "dreamy."  Taylor Swift applauded their show at the Belcourt Theater on Wednesday night, saying, "they RULE live," and later complains: "you can't push 'repeat' on vinyl."  That's the kind of press you can't pay for.

That's one of the reasons that this week has been so great; there are several more.  I spent the weekend staying in a cabin near Center Hill Lake, about an hour east of Nashville, with other members of a bible study that I am in.  The time away from the city and all the distractions that come with it was very beneficial for all of us.  We enjoyed the company of close friends, and we got much closer.  We will be talking about this weekend for months to come.  The fact that we were in the hills of Middle Tennessee only made the weekend more beautiful.  Being able to get away, read good books, and have meaningful conversation with close friends reinforces one thing in my mind: my friends here are amazing.

It's been fun: good music, great friendships, and now it's snowing.  What else could I ask for?