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Moments with Friends

Posted by Eric

Life has been really good these past couple of weeks since I have come back to Belmont. I had a blast over Christmas Break. I was able to travel to New York to see the New York Philharmonic's New Years Eve concert, but there is nothing like coming back to Belmont and being welcomed by your friends.

Instead of sitting around, watching television, and eating as much food as I want, I am up at 7 am everyday for class. I literally don't get back to my apartment until 10 pm because of work, classes, or practices. Oh well, that is college life!

Yesterday my fraternity, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, sang during halftime at the basketball game. It is our rush week and we are trying to get as much publicity as possible. Over the weekend we sang at the school of music audition day and we planned all of our rush events for the week.

If I were to give prospective college students advise on how to stay sane in college, it is to have fun every once in a while. I have found myself having to schedule time to relax in my calendar. Everyday I try to find time to myself where I can just reflect. This is essential in college.

Also it is important to have fun. This last weekend my girlfriend and I along with a bunch of friends went out bowling. We had so much fun and surprisingly it was stress relieving. College seems insane at times, however fun moments with friends make it worth it.